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PS4 Online Blocked for Countries Without a Store

PlayStation Plus isn't available everywhere, and neither is the PlayStation Store, and although Sony has made every effort to roll features out to every country interested, it's not always possible. Up until recently, this has been a minor inconvenience, a barrier that blocks some people from taking advantage of free games, digital purchases and cloud saves. What about for the PS4 though? It's today been confirmed that unless you have access to a PlayStation Store in your region, you won't be able to play online on Sony's next-gen console. (PS4)

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Lovable  +   743d ago
Well that sucks huh? At least you can play offline.
Abash  +   743d ago
Well they did say they were bringing the PS Store to those countries asap so they'll be getting online eventually
Lovable  +   743d ago
Promises are meant to be broken :p
Abash  +   743d ago

It's a bit different now since they are making a huge push for digital PS4 game sales as well as PS+ being needed for online. They'd be missing out on a lot by not bringing the PS Store to those countries
Xaphy  +   743d ago | Well said
you can make an account for any country you want. No big deal. I created one US account and one EU account when i lived in Lebanon where the store isnt available. No biggy.
NewMonday  +   743d ago
well said

the PS4 is not region locked, anyone can sign-up to any PSN store from anywhere.
Salooh  +   743d ago
It's really sad that they ignore us who don't have a store. At least let us change the country of our accounts. Now i have to abandon my 2007 account :( . It's really stupid of them..
Blacktric  +   743d ago
"To clarify, the affected territories are: Bahrain, Lebanon, Romania, Oman, Slovakia, Malta, Cyprus and Iceland.”"

I'm not trying to be a dick here or anything but having 8 countries in your "non available list" is far better than having only 21 in your "available" list. Also, like Xaphy stated before, you can create a US or EU account if the service ends up not being available on launch day in your country. That's what I did (living in Turkey) to access PlayStation Store until late 2011. And buying PS wallet credit codes off of ebay or local websites are really easy, so getting a Plus subscription shouldn't be a problem.
nix  +   743d ago
xaphy, even i have a US and UK account.

in US, i live in 90210. in UK, i live in 12th, downing street. lol.
garos82  +   743d ago
when I lived in Cyprus during ps3 launch I had two accounts one in uk and one in Japan.I hope they can do the same with ps4
guitarded77  +   743d ago
QUESTION: Can't you just make an account for a different country? I have friends all around the world with US accounts, and they have no problems.
Bhai  +   743d ago
They are a few and far between:

from the article:
"the affected territories are: Bahrain, Lebanon, Romania, Oman, Slovakia, Malta, Cyprus and Iceland.”
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   743d ago

Actually those 8 countries are just the markets where PlaySation products are being officially distributed but lack an Store, there plenty of markets where it's not distributed and also markets with a Store that don't have Plus services (here in Brazil it's an example) where you supposedly is being cutted out of multiplayer.

That said, it's not impossible to still play multiplayer in any country if current PSN is any indication (which is very likely, considering there will be account migration from PS3 into PS4). You can just make a foreig account, buy PSN cards and use an account and Plus service of that region... People have been doing this here in Brazil throughout the almost entirety of PS3 life (even before PSN cards really, by linking a foreign account with a native credit card, this is no longer possible though as card and account need to match region/postal code).

EDIT: Should had readed your comment more carefully, basically just re-afirmed what you already said, my bad.
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badz149  +   742d ago
without the PSN, there's no PS+
but due to the PS4 being region free, you can always open a foreign account in the country with PSN and buy PS+ account there! best bet is US and they always get the best stuff and US PSN card can easily be bought from eBay or some other websites
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SolidStoner  +   742d ago

I live in LATVIA... europe... I have ps3 and most of my friends have... but we dont have PS store... we buy games from fake accounts...

and this means that I could not play PS4 online???????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ? ????????????

I have so many problems with my ps3 already.. meaning.. I cant properly buy games.. play online with my fralg.. my time zone is wrong... everything about my profile is wrong.. and yet I live in Europe!!! same goes for my neighbor countries Lithuania and Estonia...


SONY FIX THIS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The_Con-Sept  +   742d ago
Someone already said it. But if it costs Sony money for someone to buy something online from another region.... Then so be it. Sorry Sweeden!
bicfitness  +   743d ago
I'm pretty sure that you can still make a PSN account from ANY country with a valid (or pulled from the internet) address; even order PSN cards or codes from that country to fill an international wallet. So I don't see what the big deal is.
Lovable  +   743d ago
Yeah I thought of this too since I have a Japanese and European account on my PS3 even though I live in Canada. I wonder if that will actually work?
Me-Time  +   743d ago

I hope it'll work like that for people in your situation. I have a bad feeling that Sony might not let that option be available so we'll just have to wait and see.
tiffac008  +   742d ago
Didn't Sony also say we carry over our accounts from our PS3 to the PS4 like they did with the Vita? I mean here in the Philippines we have no PS store but I have US and HK accounts.
etebitan  +   742d ago
So to clarify.. Im from Costa Rica (central america) and I have a US account since I bought the ps3 back in 08.. I´ve always bought games with psn credit codes bought from amazon.. Does my US account will still work for games, online playing and so on (because I can´t access VOD for example, or buying movies from the store due to copyright issues)? Or now will all the content be locked to me, and im just gonna be able to play offline and play games by buying the retail disc and not from the psn?? thanks in advance for any answer guys.. Hope I get to use the psn with the ps4 the same way I have done for 5 years with my ps3 =s
RM-TatoTiburon  +   743d ago
i can use my US PSN account on my PS4 just like a US XLIVE account on my XboxOne NOT PROBLEM AT ALL
Gamer1982  +   742d ago
Xbox live is not available around the globe either..
NYC_Gamer  +   743d ago
The console still works offline though
FordGTGuy  +   743d ago
PS4: It can play offline but we can't promise you online!
Monkeysmarts  +   743d ago
As opposed to Xbox One: lol buy an Xbox 360 if you don't have internet?
HammadTheBeast  +   743d ago
Actually, just make an account for a country where it is available.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   743d ago

Well lets be honest here. If you own a 360, you should have internet. If you don't have internet, buy a PS3 since its a loner system
kreate  +   743d ago

That's kinda funny ..
Loner system :)

But I think Wii is more of a loner system due to the lack of care from pretty much everyone, Nintendo included.
mafiahajeri  +   743d ago
This is BS I live in Bahrain and I know a lot of people here with pa3s pretty much all of them have NA or EU accounts. NA and EU cards PSN cards are available here too. There's no difference in having an account that's native to your country. Just pick a country that has a PS store, problem solved.
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CoLD FiRE  +   743d ago
Yes. There's a difference. I know this is about the PS4 but N4G was up in arms when MS said the same thing about the X1 let alone the fact it's also the same as the X360 and PS3 right now.

Yes if you create a US account you'll be able to access that country's store from your country (in your case Bahrain) but it doesn't mean you'll be able to access everything from that store. For instance, you might be able to download Netflix buy will not be able to run it even if you have a valid Netflix account (Due to copyright and all that stuff).

The same can happen with games, though the PS3/PS4 are region free, some games only allow downloads based on your IP so you wouldn't be able to download said games (Of course you can work around it using a VPN.. but that's not point).
liorishot  +   743d ago
well u need ps plus so
GamersRulz  +   743d ago
log in with a US/EU/JP account, problem solved because PS4 is region free.
FordGTGuy  +   743d ago
Unless the PSN Store is now the new region-lock they are using, just because the console isn't region-locked doesn't mean that the PSN store isn't.
Monkeysmarts  +   743d ago
PSN store isn't region locked.
NewMonday  +   743d ago
face palm!

you can pick any digital region in any geographical region.
Hicken  +   743d ago
Trying too hard there, troll.
wenaldy  +   743d ago
wishful thinking.
CaptainSheep  +   743d ago
I hope that's true. I live in Pakistan, and there's probably no chance of the Store coming here.
I'm a huge PlayStation fanboy and I'll be really sad if I won't be able to play online. :/
Salooh  +   743d ago
Don't worry. Just create a new account and put the country USA or Europe then buy ps+ for it. It will work :)

But you will have to abandon your account like me T_T
Genuine-User  +   743d ago
When creating a PSN account, choose the cheapest region (for pakistani rupees) that supports the store.
ashade  +   743d ago
you know, i don't worry much about that through i live in unsupport country

unlike xbone, playstation don't block IP, so i just need to creat account from support country to purchase the PS+ through prepaid card

i did it very long time with PS3 (my account is US) so i'll do this in PS4 too

oh well, i think most of the xbone fanboy will use this to creat the fuss, can't blame them because most of them live in xbone support country so they never know about thse workaround of PSN unsupport country
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FordGTGuy  +   743d ago
Xbox One doesn't block IPs and Microsoft has never said it would.
TheEvilWithin  +   743d ago
Out to defend that Xbox today huh Ford. You can take it easy. No one really cares about Xbox any more so you don't have to jump in and defend it. SONY fans have a work around. END OF STORY.
Serg  +   743d ago
They said it's region locked, and it was confirmed that it will not work at all in unsupported countries. Only the 21 countries that are supported will be able to play games with it, until Microsoft officially releases it in other countries.
Why o why  +   743d ago
Sorry ford...its locked. There was a massive article on it on n4g just the other day. With ps plus as it stands you can download from other regions with no issue other than the potential language barrier.
Redgehammer  +   743d ago
I still care about xbox, but generalization is the new "facts" on N4G.
joeorc  +   743d ago
Exactly, this works straight away on the PS3 even right now, in fact I even made a japanese PSN account so i could get some games from japan, and go into Japans Playstation Home! So yes indeed this does infact work!
mushroomwig  +   743d ago
Since the PS4 is region free you can just buy one from where and create a PSN ID from that region.
Virtual_Reality  +   743d ago
You can create a foreign account, such as a US account, Europe or an account from Japan and still be able to play online.
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cleft5  +   743d ago
This certainly does suck, but notice how Sony handles this sort of terrible news so much better than Microsoft. No one is telling the customer to just buy a PS3 or anything stupid like that. Notice the customer service agent apologizes and talks about making every effort to correct the issue.

This sucks, but because it is being handled well I don't have any negative feelings towards Sony. Interesting how that works, eh.
joeorc  +   743d ago
Exactly, this works straight away on the PS3 even right now, in fact I even made a japanese PSN account for Example: so i could get some games from japan, and go into Japans Playstation Home! So yes indeed this does infact work!

Yes it does suck there is some places the PSN store has not been enabled to yet, but they have been adding more stores, as quickly as they can, and even than in the mean time you can still play online, you just have to use a region other than the one your in that may not have the store ready.
CaptainFaisal  +   743d ago
For the X1 its not supported in the Middle East , but what if my account is american? will it work?
Any ways PS4 FTW! im getting X1 later Just for the exclusives -.-
ashade  +   743d ago
no, its confirm will not work in those country w/o support even if you use US account

kinect will detect to change of your IP and block it, unless you find the way to fake your router IP
Redgehammer  +   743d ago
There is not enough aluminum foil for this comment thread.
Salooh  +   743d ago
Do you know that X1 spy on you ?. It can spy on your family and collect data of them. As a muslim i won't support something like that. You really trust MS to not take that data ?.
Redgehammer  +   743d ago
And you really assume that they will?
CaptainFaisal  +   743d ago
Yeah your right im muslim too, but these spying is getting annoying! and i hate it when they say were terrorist! were normal people who live a happy life, and in our spare time play PS! :) thats all the info microshit need!
Salooh  +   743d ago
Yes , i'm sure MS will take that data. It's a company , There were reports that MS involved in giving data from their services such as hotmail to government. Even if they didn't i'm not trusting a company for my privacy , We have restricted privacy for our womens.

I agree , we are humans too and we plat ps when we don't have anything else to do . I'm glad you have a normal life though ^^. It's different in my country.
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torchic  +   743d ago
nope. Xbox One will only work in your country if Microsoft officially sells it in your country. imported consoles won't work

otherwise no.
WeAreLegion  +   743d ago
Tweeting all the executives right now. I'll post results later. Most responses have been something like "We're working to get a store in all regions before launch."
CaptainFaisal  +   743d ago
thanks please do ! :D
D-riders  +   743d ago
well duh!!!
Tidybrutes  +   743d ago
All they need to do is make an account tied to a region that has a store, same way most of us have a second psn account to access the US/JAP/EU stores.
inFAMOUS_KRATOS  +   743d ago
wow, ps4 is not region locked you can sigh up for any playstation account in any region.

this stupid change the title... is not blocked... same story
MasterCornholio  +   743d ago
Just create an account in a country that supports the store and problem solved.

I cant say the same for the XBOX One though.
majedx9  +   743d ago
too bad XBOX One is region locked ; \
MestreRothN4G  +   743d ago
I hope I can still use my US account on my "foreign" country.
ciscokid1983   743d ago | Spam
PSX04  +   743d ago
it's not bad news for me because i can simply make account with any supported countries
Shadowstar  +   743d ago
I thought PSN let you make an account with a store in another region... that would be really inconvenient, I'll admit, but wouldn't you still be able to get online?
Sephiroushin  +   743d ago
PS do not block anyone on creating an account from another region and most of the people "affected" already have an account from a supported region anyways, they can just use that account on their PS4!
#19 (Edited 743d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
majedx9  +   743d ago
Guys Relax am from KSA i have US,UK AND JP accounts i know some guys from Bahrain play with US OR UK accounts. ;)
MestreRothN4G  +   743d ago
But we don't know if this will still be possible. Lots of services are based on IP. Netflix, for instance, is not accessible on lots of countries even if the user is under an US account.
claudionmc  +   743d ago
Just create an account and put a resident country like US, UK, Spain, or whatever country that has psn... PS4 is not region-locked
wenaldy  +   743d ago
I live in Indonesia and i choose Singapore region because my country doesn't support PS Store. The content is cheaper than other region (inc. my local store).
AceBlazer13  +   743d ago
w8 im kinda lazy right now so really don't hav time to read details. i live in trinidad(caribbean island) will this affect me? tnx in advance to anyone replying
Master-H  +   743d ago
SO i can still use an account with a supported region even if i live in an unsupported one right ? damn that scared me, i thought this was IP locking sorta thing like how the xbone situation was , thank god
cell989  +   743d ago
quick easy fix for those unfortunate people - Go to ebay purchase a PSN card from a country that supports the PSN, make an account on your Play Station that aligns with a country that supports PSN and problem solved
vikMage  +   743d ago
I have a PS+ subscription on my US account but all my trophies & online play are on my Lebanese account & I never had any problem. You can buy redeemable US PSN codes from ebay or sites like pcgamesupply.com
Still, been hoping for PSN in Lebanon since I can't remember. I'll make my gamer prayer every time I go to church :)
Now if this means it'll be the same for PS4 then it's no biggy.
If it means you'll have to login with an account who's country has a store...then I can see the concerns...
Hopefully PSN will come to all unsupported countries as soon as possible.

In any case, greatness definitely awaits :)
SpinalRemains  +   743d ago
If this were to remain as is, all you would have to do is make a foreign account.

Non issue
jackdaddy  +   743d ago
So, as suspected, a non - story.
Roll on Sony and Launch Day :)
bujasem_89  +   743d ago
FU*K!!! @_@ I really hope this isn't what it says it is... or I am screwed!!!!!!!!!!!!! my country doesn't have a store! i Fakely use a United states address to use the store on my ps3 !! will i be able to do the same thing with the ps4?
SledgeHammerHead  +   743d ago
I think creating a fake US or UK account should work but if they block IP addresses then only way is to use a proxy server which you can setup on the PS3, i think.
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