Mario Kart 8 - E3 Trailer Analysis

GameXplain: "We analyze the Mario Kart 8 E3 trailer from Nintendo Direct and gameplay footage for the Wii U to uncover all the secrets the footage might be hiding. We take a look at the character roster, point out some super cool details, and try to figure out more about the tracks themselves. All this and more in our gameplay analysis for Mario Kart 8! "

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Eternalb1739d ago

Awesome! So many details

LOL_WUT1739d ago

Very informative video although not pixar like graphics but still looking forward to this game. ;)

Theyellowflash301739d ago

The graphics are damn near Pixar like, you're watching Youtube which compresses and slows down the video. Watch a 1080p and 60fps trailer of the video and you'll change your mind.

TechnicianTed1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )


You don't need Pixar graphics when the game mechanics are made perfectly. It's an amazing game.

live2play1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I went to best buy to try it. You didn't. Pixar like graphics I say. So don't open your mouth if you dont know k ;)

akaihana86plus1739d ago

Pixar graphics?!, wtf?! lol, you are hilarious!!! ;-P

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thomasmiller1739d ago

I am looking so forward to driving up side down!!! cannot wait!!

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