PlayStation Vita At A Crossroads

The PlayStation Vita has had a rough time in its year-plus in existence. Will the PlayStation 4 give the handheld a new lease on life or will it have unintended consequences for the system?

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WalterWJR1770d ago

Last year at E3 they all said where are the games?
I told them to be patient.

This year at E3 they all said where are the games?
I lost patience.

LOGICWINS1770d ago

Sony said that they have a lot more for Vita "later this year". Later this year also includes Gamescom amd TGS.

JoGam1770d ago

Yes Sony did say just that.

rpd1231770d ago

Agreed. I was all about defending the Vita a year ago. Now I'm just disappointed. Sony better get their shit together "later this year".

sparta761770d ago

Wait till the ps4 comes out. Lets see. I still have hope

TongkatAli1770d ago

Muramasa next week. OLED 2D ownage.

TimeSkipLuffy1770d ago

I only bought the PSP for Final Fantsay VII Crisis Core. And the Vita was already worth to get because of Uncharted XD
Though the only mistake I made was buy it at release date. Some month later I could have gotten it for 150€ :(

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