Sony “Confirming” the Number of PS3 Owners Affected by 4.45 FW Update, “Conducting Investigations”

It’s been a bit of a rocky road for the PS3 since firmware update 4.45 launched last night, causing numerous problems with PS3′s, including ‘bricking’, before ultimately being pulled. - PSLS

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xHeavYx1771d ago

Glad this didn't happen to me, I should get my The Last of Us copy today!

Sam Fisher1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

What the hell are you on this website go get it and play

LOL_WUT1771d ago

Glad I waited before updating (500GB PS3) hopefully Sony fixes this problem and for those who were affected you have my condolences. ;)

Muffins12231771d ago

Maybe...just maybe guys... this was done on purpose to break everyone's ps3 and make them buy a ps4!!!!- Crazy conspiracy

xHeavYx1771d ago

I'm at work, and I ordered the game online, it should arrive today



Whhere's your tin foil hat?


I don't think it's necessarily the modified HDD at fault, I have a 640GB there and I only learned about the issues after having it downloaded and installed. No problems so far...

CyberFlux1771d ago

That's some rubbish right there m88.

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InfamousBlackGuy1771d ago

Got my copy today, and I'm enjoying it so far.

yeahokchief1771d ago


The Last of Us literally saved my PS3 and my 600MB/920MB worth of games.

I had been playing the multiplayer for 24 hours straight after beating the campaign so I never turned off/on my system while all of this was going down so I dodged a bullet here.

The multiplayer is surprisingly good and addictive. And it has a clan population mechanic to keep people from leaving games when they are losing. Very well done and balanced multi.

yeahokchief1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I'm keeping automatic updates turned off from now on. i don't like the idea of my system being changed while i'm not around to okay it.

Plus sometimes it downloads game patches and leaves a bubble similar to if you were to download a vita game to your ps3 so you have to load up those games to apply the patch anyways. I'd rather just have them update when I go to play them.

The updates were convenient tho. The advantage is that you never have to sit and wait to play a game after you turn the system on.

I hope sony learned something here and double checks their patches before releasing them from now on.

Was this problem specific to users who swapped out hard drives or was it everyone?

Zeusprototype1771d ago

Sony doing something without asking you? blasphemy!

wastedcells1771d ago

I'm good, no problems. Thank god. Still have to finish the last of us.

huntingking171771d ago

yh same here i got my 12th plat before reading this i wonder what happened?

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TrendyGamers1771d ago

I feel bad for the people who had their consoles brick, hopefully the fix comes soon.

Luckily, I downloaded and installed 4.45 without issues.

jahcure1771d ago

does ps+ install automatically or just download? If so i can be lucky and just skip the installation

Wedge191771d ago

If it was a late night auto update, Sony had pulled it before then, so you shouldn't have even downloaded it (depending on your location).

Soldierone1771d ago

I believe it just downloads it as you have to accept the terms of it etc... to install it.

Wedge191771d ago

I luckily rolled the dice on this and came out ok. Sucks for the people that weren't so fortunate. Hopefully you had cloud saves or backed up recently...

Sev1771d ago

I feel awful for Sony. Their PR has been so good lately then they brick everyone's PS3s. Hopefully it isn't much of a disaster.

Wedge191771d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully the outcry is just a few very outspoken people and the spread of this isn't very wide.

HammadTheBeast1771d ago

There's only a few people who had this happen, hopefully they're reimbursed.

adorie1771d ago

It's not actually bricking PS3's... A Brick is a lost cause in most cases, this can be fixed. See Xaphy's link to reddit, above.

JoeReno1771d ago

Thank you for saying that. +1 for intel

Drekken1771d ago

These drama queens will say anything for a hit.

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