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Sony “Confirming” the Number of PS3 Owners Affected by 4.45 FW Update, “Conducting Investigations”

It’s been a bit of a rocky road for the PS3 since firmware update 4.45 launched last night, causing numerous problems with PS3′s, including ‘bricking’, before ultimately being pulled. - PSLS (PS3)

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xHeavYx  +   406d ago
Glad this didn't happen to me, I should get my The Last of Us copy today!
Sam Fisher  +   406d ago
What the hell are you on this website go get it and play
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Xaphy  +   406d ago | Helpful
here is a fix for those affected

LOL_WUT  +   406d ago
Glad I waited before updating (500GB PS3) hopefully Sony fixes this problem and for those who were affected you have my condolences. ;)
Muffins1223  +   406d ago
Maybe...just maybe guys... this was done on purpose to break everyone's ps3 and make them buy a ps4!!!!- Crazy conspiracy
xHeavYx  +   406d ago
@Sam Fisher
I'm at work, and I ordered the game online, it should arrive today
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   406d ago

Whhere's your tin foil hat?


I don't think it's necessarily the modified HDD at fault, I have a 640GB there and I only learned about the issues after having it downloaded and installed. No problems so far...
CyberFlux  +   406d ago
That's some rubbish right there m88.
InfamousBlackGuy  +   406d ago
Got my copy today, and I'm enjoying it so far.
yeahokchief  +   406d ago

The Last of Us literally saved my PS3 and my 600MB/920MB worth of games.

I had been playing the multiplayer for 24 hours straight after beating the campaign so I never turned off/on my system while all of this was going down so I dodged a bullet here.

The multiplayer is surprisingly good and addictive. And it has a clan population mechanic to keep people from leaving games when they are losing. Very well done and balanced multi.
yeahokchief  +   406d ago
I'm keeping automatic updates turned off from now on. i don't like the idea of my system being changed while i'm not around to okay it.

Plus sometimes it downloads game patches and leaves a bubble similar to if you were to download a vita game to your ps3 so you have to load up those games to apply the patch anyways. I'd rather just have them update when I go to play them.

The updates were convenient tho. The advantage is that you never have to sit and wait to play a game after you turn the system on.

I hope sony learned something here and double checks their patches before releasing them from now on.

Was this problem specific to users who swapped out hard drives or was it everyone?
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jocomat9  +   406d ago
I know its addictive.
Zeusprototype  +   405d ago
Sony doing something without asking you? blasphemy!
wastedcells  +   406d ago
I'm good, no problems. Thank god. Still have to finish the last of us.
huntingking17  +   405d ago
yh same here i got my 12th plat before reading this i wonder what happened?
TrendyGamers  +   406d ago
I feel bad for the people who had their consoles brick, hopefully the fix comes soon.

Luckily, I downloaded and installed 4.45 without issues.
jahcure  +   406d ago
does ps+ install automatically or just download? If so i can be lucky and just skip the installation
Wedge19  +   406d ago
If it was a late night auto update, Sony had pulled it before then, so you shouldn't have even downloaded it (depending on your location).
Soldierone  +   406d ago
I believe it just downloads it as you have to accept the terms of it etc... to install it.
Wedge19  +   406d ago
I luckily rolled the dice on this and came out ok. Sucks for the people that weren't so fortunate. Hopefully you had cloud saves or backed up recently...
Sev  +   406d ago
I feel awful for Sony. Their PR has been so good lately then they brick everyone's PS3s. Hopefully it isn't much of a disaster.
Wedge19  +   406d ago
I was thinking the same thing. Hopefully the outcry is just a few very outspoken people and the spread of this isn't very wide.
HammadTheBeast  +   406d ago
There's only a few people who had this happen, hopefully they're reimbursed.
adorie  +   406d ago
It's not actually bricking PS3's... A Brick is a lost cause in most cases, this can be fixed. See Xaphy's link to reddit, above.
JoeReno  +   406d ago
Thank you for saying that. +1 for intel
Drekken  +   406d ago
These drama queens will say anything for a hit.
DavidMacDougall  +   406d ago
Cant get onto psn, wont let me sign in
greatcrusader44  +   406d ago
I can't either.
Sam Fisher  +   406d ago
Im scared, did the update come out today
MonChiChi  +   406d ago
Same here.
nominal266  +   406d ago
PSN is down for everyone right now. Called customer support. I cant get on either, (and i never did the update)... but my Vita can log in. Its rather strange.
Ray186  +   406d ago
I have a very strong feeling that in the next few days it's going to get real ugly around here.
Roper316  +   406d ago
sorry for anyone that was affected by this, hopefully they will fix the issue for affected users ASAP!
geekspodcast  +   406d ago
I'm not sure if mine auto-downloaded this update or not? I sure hope not, still working my way through The Last of Us!
TrendyGamers  +   406d ago
As long as your PS3 works, it's kind of a moot point.
Transporter47  +   406d ago
They did say it affected the minority of PS3s, but you will be able to use your PS3 again without having to send it anywhere just a little usb update and your PS3 will work again.
sevilha82  +   406d ago
not really topic related (or could be)but i´ve been sign out from the psn a few minutes ago(30 or so)and can´t sign in since,theu seem to be in maintenence problbly because of the fw issues.
Any one else suffering from this?
TrendyGamers  +   406d ago
Hasn't seemed to happen for me.
sevilha82  +   406d ago
the error that apears for me is 8002A548,still going for nearly an hour...
Corpser  +   406d ago
The casuals with small hard drives are not affected
sevilha82  +   406d ago
No i didn´t mod my harddrive it´s an 80gig fat.And i´m still at fw 4.41 im just saying that i cant sing in for the last 40 m and it´s problably related to this issue,and wanted to know if someone else can´t sing in eihter.
Xenial  +   406d ago
PSN is down.
nick309  +   406d ago
Stuff like this make me wish console & laptop companies will give consumers more than 1 year of warrenty. I had 2 dead ps3's 1 dead 360& a laptop due to faulty parts. All in the same year, i took care of em real good, heck even my 2 old ps2's are still alive.
whoyouwit04  +   406d ago
This happened just when they were riding on the hype train of the PS4. That goes to show, no matter what company there is always a flaw, but there seems to be a lot coming from sony; which is strange seeing how they are the hardware vets of the gaming world. To be honest the way Sony and their fans were behaving after E3 I was waiting for something like this to happen, but I was thinking something would go wrong with PS4; Like I said god doesn't like ugly. Now here's the thing, Sony has had YLOD, continually releases these updates that brick people consoles, had the biggest hack and video game history and to top it all off they charge you to fix your Console with or with out a warranty. On the other hand, microsoft had one problem threw the entire history of 360, and that was RROD. So, could someone please explain to me how sony is the better brand? please.
cleft5  +   406d ago
This is not a new problem, some of the past updates have bricked systems before and Sony handles that. It sucks for this happening to people, but they know they will be taken care of in a timely manner.

Still this does suck for ps3 owners, especially with The Last of Us out right now. On another note, there is no reason for you to take pleasure in someone else terrible situation.

I don't want a Xbox One, but I am certainly not going to demonize the people who do buy the console. The problem people have with the Xbox One is Microsoft's policies not the people buying the system. Unfortunately, if the system sells well then these policies could change gaming as we know it right now and not for the better. So yes, you do have people trying to wake others up to that reality. For the most part people are respectful, but certainly it gets out of hand sometimes.
whoyouwit04  +   406d ago
Where did I say I was taking pleasure in someone else situation. I said with the way sony and their fans were acting I was waiting on something like this to happen; not I was hoping this would happen. If you know any thing about karma you would've been expecting this. Sony fans was jumping on any thing negative they could about xbox one with out verifying whether or not it was true. even the good things coming from xbox one they would find away to trash it. there was even one idiot on this site praising sony as if they are his god, but you didn't see something like this coming.
ginsunuva  +   406d ago
It's an unforseen software bug caused by users replacing ps3 default HDD's.
If you don't know programming and/or software engineering, please don't talk.
RiPPn  +   406d ago
Just when they get themselves in a positive light they put out a console bricking firmware? Good job Sony!
hugogs  +   406d ago
So basically this update turns PS3 into a XBOX1 whitout internet connection
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GameCents  +   406d ago
Can play blu ray and dvd's?
HALOisKING  +   406d ago
this is y i play on xbox
jocomat9  +   406d ago
please stay there 8)
ginsunuva  +   406d ago
It's only for people with custom HDD's above 500gb.

Which is like less than 10,000 people
Xenial  +   406d ago
Glad i was too sleepy to install this on my 80GB Fat upgraded to 500GB. Not trying to risk losing my saves again. For those who have experienced this though, i feel your pain. The best thing you can do to prevent from losing everything is backup your saves.
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testerg35  +   406d ago
So where's idiots that said this is a fake and was created by MS fanboys. LOL
horndog  +   406d ago
Yup! This is why I game on xbox. Good luck guys. Sorry to hear about another sony disaster
kenshiro100  +   406d ago
Because the XBox 360 has neeeeeever had a problem before.
SpinalRemains  +   406d ago
Im on 4.41 with auto updates "on"

I wonder why I never got bricked from the 4.45? I didn't even download it manually or auto.
PAYNEinc85  +   405d ago
How long has Sony been fucking up on their rushed updates now? About 5 years. Seems like about 1 out of every 10 updates have issues.

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