Why I Pre-ordered An Xbox One

CVG: On June 11, I woke up just before lunch, having done a 21-hour shift covering this year's E3 press conferences. I felt strange, almost jet-lagged but without having left the country.

I staggered into my office, nudged the computer out of sleep mode, and did two things. First, I pre-ordered a PS4. At this point I don't think that decision requires much explanation. Second, I pre-ordered an Xbox One. Which perhaps does.

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Gaming4Ever1771d ago

Not enough justification there for me. I've said it time and time again: change the policies Microsoft, or I'm not interested in your crapbox one.

dedicatedtogamers1771d ago

A fool and his money...

Or in this case, a CVG journalist and his money...

MoonConquistador1771d ago

You could argue its the same thing

mattdillahunty1771d ago

i'm not sure why he put Titanfall under "games you can only play on Xbox One." it's coming to PC too. hell, for that matter it's also coming to the 360.

malokevi1771d ago

"The truth is, Xbox Live has been the more attractive, more robust, more fully featured of the two main online services... who would bet on Microsoft not maintaining leadership in the online multiplayer space? Not me."

Truth! Among the other truths. Eventually Kinect will show us something great, 500$ for this package? hell yes! Exclusive games... yes please.

Since I've had my Xbox/Xbox360 connected in perpetuity for the past 7 or so years, and I dont buy used or sell off my games... this is literally the complete package.

Once I shove my PS4 into the HDMI in, so I can use the awesome functionality of the Xbox One and still play all the PS4 games.... this is it. Literally. I'm going to be living in video-game paradise for the next 10-15 years.

BluEx6101771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I would've pre-ordered if Xbox One actually replaces my DVR/Cable Box. But it actually doesn't replace it. Plug in your DVR and your DVR functions won't work. DVR is the only reason I have live TV. So I don't need to watch it live lol. And games like Killer Instinct, Titan Fall, and Dead Rising 3 can be played on PC, 360, or is a timed exclusive.

I was hoping to see more features and exclusives that appeal to me. But unfortunately what they showed was meh. Microsoft been abandoning it's core fanbase for a while. Just look at the 360.

My 360 only had Gears, Halo, and Forza in the past 2 or 3 years. My PS3 has/is having Ni No Kuni, God of War, Sly Cooper, The Last of Us, Beyond 2 Souls, Rain,and GT6 this year alone. The first couple years would look good just like the 360 first couple of years. Then they'll abandon it's core base and only produce Kinect crap and cater to the Call of Duty casual crowd.

No thanks Xbox, you're not tricking me this time. Your so called "exclusives" will also be on PC or is a timed exclusive. Halo, Gears, and Forza yearly cycle again???

guitarded771771d ago

Before all of the details of XBOX One came out, I planned on preordering both the XBOX One and PS4. But it is what it is and we are where we are. I have no intention of buying an XBOX One in the near future.

If MS had not made such strict policies about ownership of content, and mandatory install, mandatory kinect and required 24hr check-in, I probably would have pre-ordered both. Even if MS went back and changed the policies and the way XBOX One works, their attitude toward gamers since the announcement of XBOX One has made me want to stay as far away from them as possible.

Those who support the XBOX One, are supporting the end of software ownership rights, and open the door fom even more intrusive technology and advertising. This is a lot bigger than used games, and the author is part of the problem.

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ginsunuva1771d ago

But it makes a great doorstop.

WiiUsauce1771d ago

they confirmed today that they're removing all the restrictions that were gonna be on the console.

NatureOfLogic1771d ago

I thought this article had some good points up until "It doesn't matter who wins." It does matter. If people can take one second to look away from all of the fanboys and console war, You'll see that Sony and MS is pushing in two clearly different directions with their consoles. Both might want an all digital future, but how MS is going about it is all wrong. Consumers(gamers) have to choose who "wins" with their purchase. And according most polls, majority gamers are against MS's ways of forcing their vision for the future. I don't like it, so I won't be purchasing Xbox one, and I hope that Sony wins to show that when gamers speak loud and clear about what they want, they are to be heard, not ignored and persuaded.

Lovable1771d ago ShowReplies(1)
MoonConquistador1771d ago

Very well said KingElixir, there is much more to this than which is your favourite console (or multinational corporation, I sometimes wonder on this site)

This is about consumer rights and people really need to see the bigger picture and future repercussions of their choices this generation.

OhMyGandhi1771d ago

To be completely honest, while Sony is much less restrictive in many of their policies, how is their direction that much more different then Xbox One?

BattleTorn1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

You guys say it's all about industry when your biggest argument is that MS is trying to remove what is killing it - used-games.

How can you say you support the industry when the feature you guys seem to value the most is having the capability of withhold the only true support you have to offer the industry - your money!

While publishers will say they don't have anything against the used-game industry, they're active trying to kill it.

You PS4 fans have sided with retailers (GameStop/Amazon) over the game publishers.

Because you care about your pocket more than who gets your money.

Lovable1771d ago

"You Sony fans have sides with retailers (GameStop/Amazon) over the game publishers"

How could you even make a comment like this with a straight face? Sony fans are fighting for the rights as a gamer. Restrictions will only get worse come next gen if you don't stand and fight it now. It feels like you don't mind companies taking your rights as to what you purchased.

Yeah you bought Xbox one, but you can't do this and that. No companies should decide what you can do on your system.

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AngelicIceDiamond1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Quick everyone tell the writer how much of a troll he is for buying an X1 and how Kinect will spy on you. And insult him for spending his money where he wants.

EDIT: Lol yep @Dedicated is the first to insult and mud sling Grow up dedicated.

Who are any of you to dictate his purchases?

Lovable1771d ago

In 3, 2, 1....the writer suck.

fsfsxii1771d ago

Because people like him ruin gaming for us true gamers.
If X1 succeeds, i would blame dumbass people like him who screw over their rights for a game

matgrowcott1771d ago

So what makes you a true gamer and him a pretend one?

Sam Fisher1771d ago

Its not about being fake or a real gamer, its about freedom of choice, nobody wants to buy something they have take, would you like it if i forced fed you knowing you are satisfied? No, its the fact that you want a free choice, now what fsfs meant was that this guy blinded with " glitter and strobe lights", their are vey few that likes to be dominated and controlled but when it comes to games sorry its all about what we want, everyone throws big bucks every year for games, the hell with that we gamers are in control not the companies

dragon_rocks1771d ago


Someone who wants more freedom, less restriction, lot of great exclusive/multiplatform games and more value for the money they are investing in the console should be considered a true gamer and consumer as well. As of now MS is not in favor of these requirements.

matgrowcott1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

"Someone who wants more freedom, less restriction, lot of great exclusive/multiplatform games and more value for the money they are investing in the console should be considered a true gamer and consumer as well. As of now MS is not in favor of these requirements."

I notice the one thing you didn't mention was actually playing games.

"Its not about being fake or a real gamer, its about freedom of choice,"

Nope. He said he was a true gamer and anyone who disagrees with his stance is not. That's a pretty specific claim. I'd like clarification, in case I'm not a true game and just haven't noticed it. Hell, you ought to think on it as well. You might not be a true gamer either!

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LoveOfTheGame1771d ago

Lol, you just said "us true gamers". Most of you are too worried about which company loves you more to be in this category.

A true gamer would play the games he/she enjoys regardless of anything else.

malokevi1771d ago

"Who are any of you to dictate his purchases? "

Nobody! they are literally nobody. PS4 lovers and Xbox haters alike will largely tell you your stupid/an idiot/a fool for buying an Xbox One... that your "waisting your money".

So set in their ways that they will go out of their way to insult anyone who doesn't think exactly like them. Difference of opinion? General interest in the Xbox One? Well, your stupid, and I hate you!

At the end of the day, it is their negativity against your positivity. They will call you stupid... but it won't even cross your mind while your enjoying the hell out of your brand new console.

dedicatedtogamers1771d ago

"Who are any of you to dictate his purchases?"

The author can spend his money however he wants. But he made the choice to write an article about it and post it online and open it up to public discussion.

And that's what is happening. The public is discussing it. If it's such a sin to mock the author, then he shouldn't have posted his personal purchase choice on the internet.

AngelicIceDiamond1771d ago

Yeah up for discussion just waiting for the usual bashing and you are the first one to bite, just as expected. And your calling him a fool. Name calling, really? That's not necessary bro you simply can't respect someones purchases does it bother you and others on here that bad?

I noticed people tend to insult and bully, I don't like bullies.

If you read the OP hes getting both. So Whats your beef with the author?

dedicatedtogamers1771d ago

@ AngelicIce

The author is funding a console future that I don't want. I already have enough grief dealing with DRM-laden, restriction-filled PC gaming. I'd prefer if consoles didn't also follow the same route.

AngelicIceDiamond1771d ago

I know, I know how u feel about digital content.

But I don't know what to tell you man. This a push a transition you saw coming years ago. Everyone knew it was coming sooner or later. Can't avoid the inevitable.

At the moment the PS4 is a console that isn't aggressively pushing for digital nor DRM. But that's not stopping Ubisoft's The Division and The Crew. Bungies Destiny is always on DRM.

Like I said before, X1 and PS4 are built more like PC's, you know devs are gonna take advantage of that and bring there DRM drama to living rooms.

The only difference is I guess is MS is "giving in" rather than postponing or not opting to it right away like Sony.

Listen, people can disagree all they want but I do think Sony will implement some kind of DRM in the console in the NEAR future.

Considering its already up to third party devs to do as they please appose to DRM.

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NoobJobz1771d ago

I preordered one but I can also cancel at any time. I haven't paid anything at the moment. If they change some policies and make the console look more enticing, then I'll go ahead with the order. If we get close to launch and it still seems like an awful console, I'll cancel. I basicallya preordered hoping they would change before launch.

NoobJobz1771d ago

Looks like I may have been right if the reports are true. Wow.

WeAreLegion1771d ago


Have disposable income, don't actually care about the future of the gaming industry, and have already pre-ordered a PS4, as well.

So, go ahead.

BattleTorn1771d ago

You guys are the ones who aren't caring about the industry!

Used-games hurt the industry!

You care more about your pocket than where your money goes.

WeAreLegion1771d ago

Used games hurt the industry as much as used cars hurt the car industry. It is a necessary evil. I buy new just as much as the next gamer, but used game sales ensure a game is always available, long after they stop printing the disc.

I see that you do care about the industry. You're just mistaken.

jmc88881771d ago


So what happens when someone sells a used game to gamestop.....

Then uses THAT money to buy another NEW game?

Didn't they

1. Give money initially to X company
2. Give the money they got to Y company

Blocking used games will DECREASE the money they get, not increase it.

[sarcasm] So YOU are the one that must hate the gaming industry [/sarcasm]

The simple fact is people want control. They use piracy and used games only as a means to control you and make you submit to their desire to increasing control.

You are being manipulated. Wake up.

LoveOfTheGame1771d ago

You think it's consumers that are hurting the industry? We constantly don't buy games that don't appeal to us and the dev/pub decide that game didn't work so lets get movie stars to be voice actors and spend even more money.

If anything Publishers are the ones killing this industry.

WeAreLegion1771d ago

I would say it's a pretty big combination of publishers/developers and us. We enable their horrible choices though.

Then again, maybe we don't. Jaffe talked about pandering to the "bro" demographic. It doesn't work. They "bro'd up" Lost Planet, Dead Space, and Resident Evil. Look how that turned out for those franchises. ;) Meanwhile, a game like Skyrim does insanely well without pandering to this casual, bro audience.

What I'm saying is...I agree. It is more the fault of developers and publishers, but we are not helping when we buy crap.

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