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Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'It seems that no matter how many genetic mutations and disfigured freaks of humanity gamers dispose of, our appetite for apocalyptic action is apparently, insatiable.

For developers, it’s become the new go-to fictitious scenario, only surpassed by the military shooter for the award of ‘most oversaturated subject matter of this generation’. Even Naughty Dog, a studio revered for its advances in cinematic storytelling and graphical splendour, has been bitten by the infectious bug with their latest title The Last of Us, determined to cleanse our palates for one more taste of the tired, worn-out setting that we’ve all been chomping through since this prolonged generation began.'

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Philoctetes1884d ago

"Unfortunately, The Last of Us fails to continue Naughty Dog’s stunning streak of self-imposed excellence."

Couldn't disagree more. Having finished it last night, I think this is probably the single best game I've played this generation. It's not as light and breezy and Uncharted obviously, but the combat is gripping and intense, and the story actually treats me like a grown up. Great game.

I'll need to time to let everything settle a bit before I go too far with the "best game of this generation" thing, but that's how I'm leaning for now.

tigertron1884d ago

I'm with you there. I literally completed this about half an hour ago. It's been a great ride and I think this may even be better than Uncharted.

brodychet1884d ago

yeah, I'd say it fits me better than uncharted. I never really loved the action-movie style of uncharted, but TLOU is certainly one of the best games ever created.

In my opinion, better than uncharted. not by far, but definitely better.

grailly1884d ago

I just finished it and I really don't get how anyone can consider this game to not be as good as uncharted.

while I wouldn't call it my favorite game, I would say it's the best crafted game I have ever played. The attention to detail is staggering and the amount of resources that went into it puts any other game to shame. I can't believe how many empty houses were modeled for this game, and none of them were similar.

Genuine-User1884d ago

I was having a similar conversation with my brother today. I didn't come across a single copy and paste room, everything was designed from scratch.

GameCents1884d ago

After playing Uncharted 2 and 3 I'm not very excited about TLoU. I found Uc2 and 3 very overrated and disappointing because they were pretty much the reason I bought a ps3.

If anybody tells me they didn't find Uncharted 2 all that but love TLoU then I'll listen, otherwise I'll see this game in the bargain bin in a year or 2.

BlackTar1871884d ago

To me Last of Us is like playing Manhunt 3 . I love manhunt games

plaZeHD1884d ago

Read/watch reviews or just watch gameplay videos that are spoiler free.

Lovable1884d ago

I thought U2 was good. Not a big fan of U3 and U1 though. I can for sure though that TLOU is very good. It's in a whole different level than Uncharted series imo.

BattleAxe1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I loved Uncharted 1 & 2, but I wasn't overly crazy about Uncharted 3. U3 had great graphics and just all around great production values, but it just didn't give me that true sense of exploration that the first two games did. I found that the different settings in different countries was sort of like going on a one week holiday, where you end up doing too much like going on tours and shopping, that you didn't end up being able to take everything in as much as you would have liked. It ends up feeling more like work than actually having fun.

brodychet1884d ago

read my comment i posted up. honestly i never liked the theme of uncharted. it was overrated for me, stil enjoyed it though. TLOU is entirely better. besides, I like M rated things.

This game is the best game I've ever played. I wish everyone could understand.

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jagstatboy1884d ago

My son's going to hate me when I buy this game and tell him he can't play it LOL. This is one rated M game he won't be touching.

Kos-Mos1884d ago

Yeah, because blood is soooo adult in the us and a nipple is even worse!

jagstatboy1884d ago

So you think minors should play this game?

Kos-Mos1884d ago

As long as you`re a good father (which I don`t think) it`s no problem for minors to watch this video-game. Do you think he will be a rapist or a violent person?
If you hit him and have a horrible atmosphere in your home, then he surely will be. But watching cartoon blood or a nipple, he either turns away uninterested or watches.
There`s absolutely NO research that says video-games/movies affects you as a child to become a "bad" person. But it can trigger something if the child have a bad parenthood or being picked on for several years at school for example.

DoesUs1884d ago

Massively disagree. Single most amazing experience this generation, a bold claim but one which I'm very comfortable with. 64% through clocking 15hrs on hard.