Major analyst predicts Xbox 360 GTA IV will outsell PS3 version by a 2 to 1 ratio

Michael Pachter, the biggest analyst in the video game industry says the superior Xbox 360 version will outsell the PS3 version by a 2 to 1 ratio.
Pachter: "We expect around 6 million copies of GTA IV to be sold to Xbox 360 owners"


"superior XBOX version" is bad editing. did't see that, sorry guys.

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iMad3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

1. Install base is allmost 2 to 1 for XBOX 360.
2. But most multiplatform users will choose XBOX version becouse it is superior.
3. Check this article for prove

Hatchetforce3620d ago

The fact that you quoted that ridiculous article just invalidated your entire post.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 33620d ago

Superior??? Er how does anyone know it is???
Has anyone on this played it yet on both consoles???

Mr Playboy3620d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

4. DLC

masterg3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I disagree with Pachter (although he doesn't really say the 360 version will sell double the PS3 version anywhere in the article).

1. Look at the sales in 2008 on multi platform games that are not shooters. The numbers are almost 50/50.
2. The franchise is huge worldwide. This is not just an American phenomenon. It will sell a lot better on the PS3 in Europe.
3. PS2 users are more likely to upgrade to PS3.

My prediction is 55% to the 360 and 45% on the PS3. Or 5.5 million on 360 and 4.5 million on the PS3.

HighDefinition3619d ago

alot of people (90% of casuals), don`t know it`s on 360 and don`t know about D/L content. 2 people on my street bought ps3s this week for GTAIV. This will affect sales. Do you know what casuals do know about the.......RROD. this will affect their decisions.

Also DMC4 was very very close in sales.
and the GAP between ps3 and 360 is growing smaller everyday.

First day it`ll sell more on 360 long term I say ps3.

and either way we ALL know GTAV will be a PS3 exclusive........since R* has already stated that the want to use Bluray not DVD to make these games.

mikeslemonade3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Correction: not including Japan GTA4 potentially has twice as more install base to sell on 360 at 16 million compared to 9 million on PS3, but PS3 overall in reality has 11 million units vs 17 million units on 360. I'd say the ratio will be 57% to 43%. GTA4 will sell more in Europe and it will sell more in the United States in porportion to its install base.

Looking at Cod4 #s 2.72 million on PS3 and 5.33 million 360, so PS3 for a FPS already sells half of the 360. PS3 right now has a lot of postivive PR and the install base is growing at a faster rate than the 360. And historically GTA being on the playstation brand and not being a FPS. And last but not least since xbox supporters like to talk about "attach ratio". The PS3 game attach rate is almost the same as the 360 game attach rate which has a 35% larger install base. PS3 owners are buying more games in porportion and that's going to be difference when GTA4 sells more on PS3 in porportion to its install base.

NO_PUDding3619d ago

I ahve seen this on N4G before.

Marcello3619d ago

There was an article just a few days ago about ppl who owned both 360 & PS3 alot of them chose the PS3 version of a game because they didnt want to take the risk of getting RROD while playing so we will see wat happens.

As for which version will be better i doubt there will be much difference if any at all but wasnt PS3 the lead platform ??

As for the d/l content all i can say is bleh we dont buy games to play extra stuff 6 months down the line when the game is done and finished, we will be playing MGS and other big titles by then, we dont even know wat that extra content is and if its any good prob just more of the same that you have alrready done to death in the main game.

actas1233619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I am sorry, this story is horribly edited. Also, Why the contributer is making things up and putting words in Patcher's mouth. Do u know u could be get sued by that.
This contribution is a joke. I believe this should be taken off and then resubmitted.

gaffyh3619d ago

Going on VGChartz (estimates) PS3 has sold 11 Million+ and 360 has sold 17Million (ish). VGChartz is notorious for overinflating 360 sales and releasing lower than actual PS3 numbers.

So that is a ratio of 2:3 in favour of the 360, so the game should sell better on the 360 because of it's install base, but it's not neccessarily going to happen like that.

I honestly feel that it will sell more (especially in the long run) on PS3, because people are likely to buy a PS3 just for this game.

sonarus3619d ago

master g is right. based on numbers so far, they have been a lot closer than 2-1 this yr. especially non shooters. gta4 is a big game so it will be interesting to see the turn out. its hard to draw any concrete conclusions.

k2d3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

- Those who bought GeoW, Halo, etc. on 360 will likely buy the 360 version. (except those who jumped trains because of RRoD)
- Most casual gamer "GTA fans" will buy it on the PS3 because of it's legacy.
Expect a majority of those to have yet to pick up a PS3 console.
- DLC won't make that much of an impact. (And don't expect new landmasses,
we're talkin "Liberty City/Vice City Stories" kind of mission packs here.)
-GTAIV on PS3 will -eventually- outsell 360 version.
-Graphics are pro-PS3 but only slightly (gamers have yet to see the best of GTAIV)
-The wheels of the L2-R2-controller issue are slowly turning over at Sony. Alas, slowly.

yesah3619d ago

rofl "superior version",just pathetic what you come up with.

le killer3619d ago

no one can predict anything! and we should all wait til the npd figures arrive. it will undoutably shift hardware on both sides. but if you were just to go on the amount of consooles...then logic would say that it will sell more copies on for the 360 because there's alot more of them sitting under tvs!

power of Green 3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

The mods must be guarding your post against wrongful doing. LOL at the failed post. No truths either way will be allowed to be shown.

Dora The Explorer says:

"DMC4 was very very close in sales"

Dora The Explorer... DMC4 is a Japanese type game thats why it didn't sell well, 360 fans do not consider it a AAA as PS3 fans do. COD4 is a western type game so is GTA4.

Dora The Explorer says:

"First day it`ll sell more on 360 long term I say ps3"

No it won't, GTA4 will have the COD4 effect(western type game), theres incentives that will insure that the 360 version sells well not including the twice as big fanbase(MSFT marketing and Episodic content).

Despite the fanbase size differences 360 owners spend more on games regardless if you check attach rate ratio's when you match base numbers the 360 base still buy more games.

360 fans bought as many games back in 2006 and 2007 as PS2 fans did with a base of a supposed 120 million strong. people are buying PS3 as a DVD player sony isn't closing the gap in the gaming market they're doing good in the DVD player market

Amanosenpai3619d ago

DMC4 prooved that the almost 2 to 1 install base argument... IS A FALLACY

ZeroXMD3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

GTA is a PS game. Always has been. They had to bundle/price cut to sell gta on xbox and most everyone who doesn't look up gaming news will get it on ps3 because they prolly don't even know it's launching with the ps3 version on 360. that is, unless the ms marketing goliath kicks in. (if you just saw tv ads, you would only know Madden 08 was on 360 because EA and microsoft are butt-buddies like that and didn't say "also on ps2, xbox, psp, ds, ps3, and wii") Even then, standard hard drive on ps3 means cache, which should mean smoother ps3 framerates and no load times (but devs are lazy and still saying dev. for ps3 is "hard"). But DLC isn't going to be vice/s.a. size additions, it's impossible for it to be like that because rockstar wouldn't do that to the loyal ps fanbase which helped them outsell the game that sold a console (s.a. vs h2). Plus, that would be multiple 9.5GB downloads and i don't see that happening, not with most 360 owners having a 20gb HD, or none at all.

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xhi43620d ago

seriously.....who would doubt that?

It has nearly 2 to 1 install base, 360 owners usually spend more on games than ps3 owners tend to.

But i have a feeling more hardware will be sold on the ps3 side because of the gta iv release.

just a hunch.

solidt123620d ago

Yep, its a no brainer that the 360 has a bigger fanbase but I do think that the PS3 version will sell more consoles than the 360 version and that is what is very important with the release of this game. MGS4 is right around the corner too.

NO_PUDding3619d ago

Yes, I tink currect 360 owners will purchase it, but anyone lookign to buy GTA, will be gettign a PS3 becuase that is the only consoel you can play huge Playstation related brands on.

I still think Patcher will be surprised when he actually fidns out sales.

TheSadTruth3619d ago


someone's retarded
People are going to pay $100+ more so they can play GTAIV on the PS3 when the 360 version will be exactly the same? What are you in Elementary school? If you want a logical argument I'll give you one that is plausible, If the multiplayer is REALLY good people will choose the PS3 version over the 360 version because of free online. Now that's a logical argument, maybe you should pay more attention in your classes so you don't sound like a complete [email protected] when you type something.

cmrbe3619d ago

100 more gets you a 16 X more reliable hardware + Standard HD + Wifi + Blu + Free online + the opportunity to play great PS exclusive like GT,MGS,FF,GOW which the alot of gamers last gen care about.

Do yourself a favor and take your own advice.

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PirateThom3620d ago

I still bet worldwide, PS3 version will sell more.

You know, since Europe is as big a market for GTA as America.

Ko_Uraki3620d ago

Simply incredible...and simply evident.

belal3620d ago

that xbox will outsell the ps3. i mean who has said that the xbox version is superior to the ps3 version ?

its the ps version that is superior to the xbox version. rockstar has said it!!!!!! so STFU

the games are nearly identical on both platforms, with ps3 slightly better than the xbox 360 on some areas. okey ? you gus get that ? deal with it. this is fact not trying to make fun of anyone here.

3620d ago
bigman73873619d ago

Does that really bring you enjoyment? Because if it does not only does it not make you a gamer it makes you just a sad individual overall.
You seem more defensive now then you have before and I wonder why. Either way, just stop it with your hatred for Sony. You hating Sony will do nothing in the long run but make you look like a fool.

thewhoopimen3619d ago

I actually think that the ratio between PS3 units to Xbox360 units will be closer to 1:1 with the PS3 having better sales over the long term. As mentioned before the main reason for my argument is the public perception that the GTA series is tied to the PS.

My second line of reason is that out of the 17 million shipped xbox 360 units worldwide, I believe there are actually only 12-13 million working units in consumer's hands or in running condition. That would compare very favorably with 11+ million units of PS3.

dragunrising3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

If Microsoft is repairing rrod 360's for would the number of 17 million consoles shipped be impacted at all by rrod? Do people assume repaired 360's disappear or something? After all, if you get your xbox fixed your NOT throwing it away. Dumba$$es. Btw...i think its interesting that a previous article claiming one version was superior over another was not approved. Seems to be a little war for power (story approval) going on on the obviously unbiased n4g...

Off topic: I've owned a "replaced" xbox 360 for a year and a half with no problems. I don't worry about rrod anymore. I think they fixed it...for all you "playstation loyal, xbox owners" who think they're console is going to rrod...and aren't going to buy multiplatform titles on xbox. I'm refering to a previous article on the topic btw.

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