Eurogamer: What Do Developers Think of Xbox One's 300,000 Server Cloud?

Respawn, Ubisoft and DICE on the "power of the cloud".

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NewMonday1615d ago

Battlefield executive producer Patrick Bach says calculating AI in the cloud sounds "gimmicky" because "it needs to be real-time". "It doesn't matter if you send it up to a cloud and it takes only a second, it's still a second too late. I want it the next frame"

do the dreamers get it now?!

Nitrowolf21615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

I am disagreeing because right after he says this:

"But real-time and cloud to me sounds right now very tricky. I haven't seen an actual application for it. I'm not sure how the cloud will work for real-time stuff, but I can see how it could work for non-real-time stuff where you need a lot of calculations."

So while I don't think much will come from it then what we already have, it's still a sit and wait game seeing that he hasn't actually tried it out yet.

Also, couldn't this work for scripted events?

xHeavYx1615d ago

"At the end of the Xbox 101 presentation, Henshaw is asked whether the 300,000 servers that will be available when the Xbox One launches are all physical servers or a combination of virtual machines. "We haven't gone into that level of detail yet,"

NewMonday1615d ago

common sense people!

a highly experienced developer and industry veteran says:

"I haven't seen an actual application for it"

dose anyone actually believe MS spent hundreds of millions on tech that nobody has conceived of an actual use for?

if anything the only practical way for cloud gaming is to processes the whole thing in the cloud and just stream the video, just like OnLive.

this split processing is idea is fake, their is nothing more in this than a heterogeneous dedicated server platform, which is very commendable by itself but nothing more.

HammadTheBeast1615d ago

If the Cloud is really needed for these "connected worlds and dedicated servers" how come we've been able to do this already?

Also, Respawn claims their game is not possible without the cloud, yet its coming to PC and 360 lol.

Mounce1614d ago

nitro, to put it simple....

It's basically 'Blast Processing' all fucking over again. Only it's Microsoft pulling this instead of Sega.

'Blast Processing'

'Cloud Processing'

See the similarities?....both involving talking out of your ass.

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RiPPn1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

It really doesn't matter if it works or doesn't since any connected device can perform cloud computing if the infrastructure is there. So it really is a non selling point and is's really surprising that this is the best highlight Microsoft could come up with on their console.

deathstriker1615d ago

I love Battlefield, but considering it's never really had a good campaign nor AI, his opinion on the subject doesn't mean much to me... not to mention he's a producer, not a programmer. A programmer from Bungie or one of the FEAR guys would mean much more.

Mystogan1615d ago

You only look at the negative comments.

The other developers all said that it could work and The battlefield dev hasn't even tried it yet.

Believe it or not but cloud processing is very real.

NewMonday1615d ago

theory =/= practical application

hence the developer comment:

"I haven't seen an actual application for it"

HammadTheBeast1615d ago

Dude. IPhone games can use the cloud. Gaikai uses the cloud. It's not nearly as great as they've said.

KwietStorm1615d ago

Well even the good comments are nothing more than theory. Everyone keeps talking half winded. Even Respawn said they couldn't do this without the power of the cloud. Power of the cloud power of the cloud. That's what people keep saying. What is it that couldn't be done? They speak about dedicated servers as if that's some tech advancement. Watch Dogs by default integrates single player worlds with independent AI into multiplayer worlds, so what about the power of the cloud differentiates it?

MariaHelFutura1615d ago

This article sums the cloud computing fallacy up quite well.

MysticStrummer1615d ago

It's funny, but the Cloudists (Cloudians, Clouders, Cloudettes, etc) sometimes use that same article to prove the validity of Cloud power. They just ignore the parts where the article explains why it can't work.

Urusernamesucks1615d ago

Dumbest thing ive ever read, i cant belive you actualy kiss crap like this just to satify your fanboy mind.

Cloud computing gimiky? Next thing you know mp is gimiky.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

It's kinda weird, Titanfall is by Respawn which is owned by EA, And Battlefield is owned by EA as well, Yet they are saying two different things entirely.

Makes me think, any Titanfall PR is simply due to contract.

That being said, what also bugs me is what if something happens mid-data streaming? Like a hiccup with your connection or a packet loss? What would happen to cloud computing at that moment?

liorishot1615d ago

its all rubbish, if anybody with a brain will see that cloub memory does not attribute to performance in any way. It is only hardware like the cpu, gpu, ram etc.

quenomamen1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

Some other Dev said it the Cloud Power was all marketing BS too, I'm just waiting fir MS to come out and say the X1 will be 10x more powerful cuz it powered by Nano Machines or Quantum Space Mechanics and watch all the fanboys going ooooooo yeeeeaaaaaaaa !

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moparful991615d ago

My question is what happens to the efficiency of this cloud computing when you have a large influx of users? 300,000 servers is a finite number especially if millions of people are online.. Remember the Live crashes every christmas? This all sounds like pr marketing pipe dreams to me

Mystogan1615d ago

Xbox Live had only 15.000 servers.

moparful991614d ago

Ok 15,000 servers that only handled social interactio seeing as online gameplay was mostly handled via p2p console hosting... So now that millions of XBONE's(assuming they sell well) connected at the same time using the servers to do raw data calculation on top of the social aspects of live could cause issues.. Cant deny the possibilty

MysticStrummer1615d ago

The number of servers means very little compared to the connection between the user and those servers.

They can add 300 million servers and it won't improve the internet infrastructure of the planet.

In the US, the biggest gaming market, the average internet speed will allow the cloud to process less than 1/20000 of the data that can be processed by PS4's internal memory.

quenomamen1615d ago

Facts mean nothin round here player,

Ghost_of_Tsushima1615d ago

Jonathon Blow:

"At the end of the Xbox 101 presentation, Henshaw is asked whether the 300,000 servers that will be available when the Xbox One launches are all physical servers or a combination of virtual machines. "We haven't gone into that level of detail yet," is all he'll say, somewhat tellingly."

Foxgod1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

It doesnt matter if they are VM's tho, as long as the underlying hardware provides enough power to simulate 300.000 servers.

Usually in datacenters they build a machine that contains hundreds of processors, several petabytes of storage and hundreds of gigabytes of ram.
They then allocate the resources around with VM's and LPARS to distribute that huge amount of power evenly.

Mystogan1615d ago

They already confirmed that it's dedicated.

Respawn said so.

And Microsoft confirmed it.

ANIALATOR1361615d ago

there will still be a delay and no ones internet is stable enough to have something like that running at all times

MysticStrummer1615d ago

Those servers mean less about cloud power than MS or their supporters will ever admit.

The average internet connection, even in the biggest market, just isn't fast enough for all this cloud computing talk yet.

I'm also skeptical that Sony can get the game streaming thing working like they claim they will. Doing it on stage is a lot different from doing it in the real world.

JohnS13131615d ago

Yawn. More cloud nonsense. It's all fake.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1615d ago

Life is superficial... clouds aren't

LoveSpuds1615d ago

Mystogan, you really need to stop quoting that Polygon website - its a damn joke of a site that is usually full of half truths and bullshit.

JohnS13131615d ago

Cloud computing is for fools. At least when it comes to console gaming.

AngelicIceDiamond1615d ago

Interesting read nonetheless. Dedicated servers in every X1 game I want see or hear more of.

I have some skepticism but again it sounds interesting.

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