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Submitted by FateoftheGame 894d ago | opinion piece

Resident Evil 6: Most Underrated Resident Evil Ever

Jed Pressgrove from Fate of the Game says: "Resident Evil 6 was a critical and commercial failure. No one should feel sorry for poor Capcom, the company who sold us at least five versions of Street Fighter II. It’s simply unfortunate that a reasonably entertaining game like Resident Evil 6 was skewered by video game journalists and fans." (Capcom, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

wishingW3L  +   894d ago
Philoctetes  +   894d ago
Everybody said this game was shite, but it was really more like garbage. So you see, it was underrated.
HammadTheBeast  +   894d ago
It was trash. Had more than 1000 people working on it, yet was a terrible action movie wannabe.

And out of those 1000 people, none noticed the giraffe.

Resident Evil 1-4: Scared the hell out of people, tense, emotional.

Resident Evil 6: Getting chased by a tank in a mansion, finding a motorcycle, using it to jump over a helicopter.

Seems legit.
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InTheLab  +   894d ago
Played an hour of the so-called traditional RE Leon Mission. Popped it out of my 360 and traded it in. I figured, if that was best the game had to offer, the bad missions might be too painful to play through.

Found this....sums up my hour and change long playthrough..

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Mr_Nuts  +   894d ago
Yeah...ok then

Have you played the old RE games, if you did, did you actually like them for what they were. If so how can you like the new RE.

It ruined the franchise
FateoftheGame  +   894d ago
I was a big fan of the old games when they came out. But going back to them is not much fun. I articulate the reasons in the piece.
Mr_Nuts  +   894d ago
Are you kidding, I'd rather play the old ones and even the remake more then RE5 or RE6
FateoftheGame  +   894d ago
Good for you. As a fan of good shooters (Contra, Metal Slug, Doom, Wild Guns, Sin and Punishment, and, of course, Resident Evil 4), I'd rather not play the outdated Resident Evil games. In addition to their laughable shooting mechanics, they have clunky movement controls. Capcom corrected the idiotic movement controls of the old REs with Devil May Cry. Like the old REs, Devil May Cry switched camera angles frequently, but Dante ran exactly where you wanted him to without as much fuss.
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Sam Fisher  +   894d ago
Tbh, the most underrated resident evil games were the outbreak seires, played like the old ones, multiplayer online, i think it was too far ahead of its time, if capcom were to remake them and put them on the online market, theyd make a gold mind, the games concept was a gold mine just too ambitious for its time. Now that we are all about online it can come out with is eyes closed, people would buy it, whether it be to remember the old feel, to play coop on a game that mostly ppl never played on coop or etc
spektical  +   894d ago
resident evil 6 was far from underated. The game was an action hollywood style game. No sense of a "survival" theme. A tank chasing you down!? in a mansion... wtf happened to resident evil.
CaEsAr-  +   894d ago
Resident Evil 6 is an awful game.
TechnicianTed  +   894d ago
'Resident Evil 6:Worst Resident Evil Ever'

That headline is more fitting. I've completed every other Resident Evil that has been made, but couldn't bring myself to finish Res Evil 6, it was a mess. There's no justifying it I'm afraid, it was crap.

EDIT:I will add that if Capcom want inspiration on how to progress the survival horror genre they only need to look at the survival horror aspects of The Last of Us.

They need to remember why people were interested in the franchise to begin with, it wasn't for the big action scenes, it was for the scares.
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Number-Nine  +   894d ago
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   894d ago
It wasn't just a bad Resident Evil game it was also a bad action game.
Imalwaysright  +   894d ago
^^ This.
Aaron Colas  +   894d ago
I have to disagree with that.

RE fan here and yes, the game overall failed to connect with any kind of survival horror; the script, dialog and (most)characters were the worst in the franchise because it was f*cking awful.

Chris' campaign was a CoD wannabe, Leon uttered selfish and self centered one liners all the time. As a result these loved characters fell flat with their cheesy drama and cliched plot points.

However, the gameplay was not bad. As an action game I cannot hate it. The monster repertoire impressed me, as there was great variety and design in them. Some of the new moves I found to be very cool, like dodging, sliding and quick shooting.

Now, I'm not saying it should remain like that for the franchise. The RE series should be reinvigorated with TRUE survival horror elements if Capcom aims to recapture the fan base again. Just look at the massive success of The Last of Us and it becomes evident.

It's not about emulating something established either, look at "simpler" games like Slender and Amnesia and their profound horror factors appear very efficient and unique. There is plenty to be explored and the genre still has a lot to offer.

They need good writers and some real talent spearheading the future RE installments. I would personally prefer new characters too.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   894d ago
Hey if you enjoyed it then great.
I thought the game had bad controls, a poor cover system and an awkward camera. Which all added up to it being just a poor game in general. The production values were through the roof but the fundamentals were severely lacking. Not to mention the damn QTE's going off every second. I just hated every minute of it, and I enjoyed Resident Evil 5 a lot more.
I wouldn't mind Resident Evil having a spin off series focused on action but I think the main numbered games should be all about the horror which is what made RE so popular in the first place.
Kiddcarter  +   894d ago
More like worst resident evil ever
MaleManSam  +   894d ago
That game literally makes me nauseous with its close up over the shoulder sort of cam. I can't take it any longer than 10 mins, which people have told me is a good thing.. Haha

It's a shame what's happened and even though I I like change, they really did lose it after the magnificent RE: 4, I would've liked to have seen then go back to the older style games though like zero and nemesis
the_hitman3000  +   894d ago
In my opinion Resident evil needs to take notes from The Last of Us.
wishingW3L  +   894d ago
if anything, underrated would be Code Veronica but most Resident Evil games, and particularly RE5, are overrated.
Deep-throat  +   894d ago
Code Veronica is very underrated, indeed.
NnT3291  +   894d ago
I traded the game after 30 mins, for Borderlands 2.
Imalwaysright  +   894d ago
Yeah... no!
grassyknoll  +   894d ago
One of the worst games of last year. Whoever put that "tripping" mechanic in the game needs to be shot in the head.
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o-Sunny-o  +   894d ago
RE6 sucks bad! It was a chore to finish that game. Oh no not underrated. It's overratted!
FantasyStar  +   894d ago
"A chore"? Were you playing it by yourself? I can't imagine it being a chore if you had a friend playing with you.
-GametimeUK-  +   894d ago
I hate it when people take bad games and say they are underrated. NO, they are just bad games.

Okami, commercially underrated (sales)
The Saboteur, underrated
Spec Ops, underrated
Folklore, underrated
Heck, I hear Nier is super underrated!

Resident Evil 6, A BAD GAME!
ShAkKa  +   894d ago
After the updates
this is actually a pretty solid game.
socks  +   894d ago
A massive shitstain on the franchise is underrated? You are just a fool Fate.

A fucking terrible action movie is what RES became.
DangerousDAN  +   894d ago
Resident Evil 6 is a great action game and that is its biggest problem. It's a down-to-the-bones action game. It abandoned the survival/horror genre completely. However entertaining it is, you don't feel like you're playing Resident Evil. That's the main reason for its failure.
DerekFlint007  +   894d ago
To give you an idea of how cr@p this game is - I bought it, completed the game and i have never once felt the urge to put it anywhere near my PS3 ever again.

The game actually cost me one of my dualshock controllers, which i smashed against the wall in my living room, in sheer utter frustration at those inane bloody quick time events.

The developer who came up with that idea and thought it would add to the experience, should do the honourable thing ---- Seppuku!
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MisfitsInc  +   894d ago
RE4 is the best of the new formula of RE games
FantasyStar  +   894d ago
I remember years ago, people called for Mikami's head because there was NO ZOMBEEZ.
tigertron  +   894d ago
Underrated eh? *recalls apache helicopter and tank as bosses*

Pittoo  +   894d ago
Too many QTFuckingEs!
horndog  +   894d ago
RE 6 is a disgrace. A shitty game taking advantage of a once great franchise name. I played 6 for a max of 3 hours and never went back again. 1-2 were easily the best in my books. The nemesis running through a brick wall and chasing you down the hallways in 2 was one of the scariest jump out of your seat moment I have ever had in my days of gaming or the dogs jumping through windows in the first. The awsome bosses the creepy atmosphere and the replay value of going back with unlimited ammo and a rocket launcher in the first or a chain gun in the second were epic. Capcom butchered it for me with 6.
testsubject  +   894d ago
I loved all 3 REs that came out last year,so not everyone hated it.Personally RE6 is my favorite in the main series "probably going to get hate for saying that"
gantarat  +   894d ago
I think Main Problem This Game is Too Much QTE , Control ,And Worst Camera Chase Scene Than Not Survivor-Horror or Action-Horror Game.
Look Resident Evil 5 Not Survivor-Horror or Action-Horror Game but People Enjoy Very Much
FantasyStar  +   894d ago
I like RE6.
It's a solid co-op game with split-screen that I can enjoy with my friend. It has a lot of content and a lot of replay value as well. The MP is pretty fun too under the right conditions. My favorite is Survival.

I am a huge fan of the game design of this game that has a bit for everyone. If you're a fan of the original RE level design: play through Leon's story. If you're more into the action-oriented sequences, then there's Chris' story. Jake and Adas are a mix of the first 2 so there's a lot to go around. It takes around 4-5 hours each Story for a solid 17 hours average (with Leon's being the longest).

It's hard not to appreciate the amount of content you're getting considering its average to get about 7-8hours instead.
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