Dawn of War 2 teaser video goes without comment from THQ

VG247's carrying what looks to be the first teaser video from Relic's Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2, although THQ's refused to comment.

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Sashy3763d ago

Dawn of War was such a basass game! I cant wait for this one, and if the rumor is true that the game is been developed sience 2006 Iam gonna freak out. I hope it comes with a brand new engine like Company of heroes.

ben8063763d ago

wow part of me hope it comes really soon, the other part of me cries and wonders what to do with all the expansion packs i brought.

KyonoRocks3763d ago

DoW1 has been going on for so long that the whole MMO sequel problem of starting completely from scratch and losing all your progress (in this case money spent on expansions).

Can't wait though

JeepGamer3763d ago

Hell yeah, if this is true who needs Starcraft 2?