Cancelled Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun Concept Art Discovered

We won't ever see this game launch on a console, but that doesn't mean we can't stare at some art for it.

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A-laughing-horse1706d ago

That sucks. Probably one of my favorite games

T21706d ago

Ya a great franchise ... Awesome

A-laughing-horse1706d ago

I remember the first one. It was the first big battle I fought in ever on a video game and I remember being so excited. Possessing people. Armor made of blood.


Sam Fisher1706d ago

My all time favorite game, but whats up with all the lost and found news with lok, is eidos leaking them on purpose to hype us or give us a look to see how we'd respond to them and if we like them they go for it or something, something isnt right, my splinter cells are tingly

Crazay1706d ago


That totally blows

CaptainYesterday1706d ago

I hate when games get cancelled :(