Battlefield 4 alpha data leak mentions “Obliteration,” “Playground” and “Elimination” game modes

Could Battlefield 4 be getting three new game modes? According to some data in the game's files, we might be.

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Harmonizer1766d ago

Destroy your enemy's Headquarters before they destroy yours ? im game, challenge accepted !

NegativeCreepWA1766d ago

That would be cool, that's how Chromehounds did it.

Sam Fisher1766d ago

Youre right, i remember that game was awesome till people had beast mechs lol

NegativeCreepWA1766d ago

Believe or not, I created one of those super mechs, though I never used it because I was always a command mech. I did give the blue print to my whole clan though, so you could say I helped ruin that game. I've never gotten so much random hate mail while playing something.

MWong1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@ Harmonizer
That would be awesome

@ DoomeDx
Isn't that TDM?

Obliteration might be battling it out on an carrier with a timelimit based on the ticket count. Kill the enemy before the ship splits in 2 and the team that wipes out the other team first gets off the ship.

titletownrelo1766d ago

so, both teams have their own M-com, or both teams have a building that needs to be destroyed/defended?

bf4beta1762d ago

An announcement on twitter said BF4 Beta was released so I looked for more info and found out that anyone can get beta from