Will Australia Have An R18+ Rating For Games?

XboxOZ360- Gamer writes that there is encouraging news at a recent meeting about the introduction of an R18+ rating for games in Australia.

Grant Smythe writes: "After todays long awaited meeting of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG), which was held in the Boorosa Vally in South Australia, it seems that the Deputy Premier and Attorney-General Rob Hulls has welcomed an agreement by SCAG to consult on whether an R18+ classification for computer games should be introduced into the National Classification Scheme."

Part of the report reads:

""While computer games have predominantly been considered the domain of children, the most up-to-date research indicates a steadily growing trend in adult consumers of the product, with the current average age of gamers reported to be 28 years," he said.

"It seems inconsistent that in Australia, adults are allowed to view 'adult only' films which have been classified R18+ by the Classification Board, but not computer games with an equivalent high level content.

"With the increasing convergence between films and games, the different approach to classification principles is difficult to sustain."

Mr Hulls said it was anticipated that should an R18+ classification for computer games be introduced, games containing extreme violence, explicit sexual material, instruction in crime or characters using illegal drugs would continue to be refused classification."

If you are Australian be sure to VOTE at the LINK provided in the story.

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