New Ferrari Challenge Screenshots

System 3 published a new batch of Ferrari Challenge screenshots. Enjoy.

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wulan3549d ago

double trouble for competitors

GT5P has already killed x360 in europe today

This will kill the wii no doubt since thats the only console that remains

bob20833549d ago

game does look great but what does the wii have anything to do with this?
Its not going to affect the wii what so ever. The WII isn't about big graphics etc, just simple family fun.

InMyOpinion3549d ago

System 3, makers of The Last Ninja =)

whateva3549d ago

to me but thats not a bad things looks fun.

resistance1003549d ago

Providing it supports 900Degree turns with a steering wheel i'm buying ^_^.

Only problem being is, that its being released in Europe the same day as HAZE