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Submitted by Shoul 967d ago | opinion piece

The Videogame Graveyard: 16 of the most promising cancelled titles

An opinion piece looking at 16 cancelled games and the author attributes his opinion to as whether he believes they will be revived in the foreseeable future. (Aliens: Crucible, Culture, Duke Nukem Forever, EA, Faith and a .45)

mcroddi  +   967d ago
Gotta hate cancelled games but sometimes it is actually quite okay, if a game is shit etc.
Speed-Racer  +   967d ago
brianunfried  +   967d ago
I was very disappointed when I heard "Darkwatch 2" was cancelled.
Myst  +   967d ago
Warhammer and the Agency both made me cry a little again.
FrostyZipper  +   967d ago
I don't see Possession on that list anywhere.
Dr Pepper  +   967d ago
I still find my self thinking how great Project Offset looked. Sigh...

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