Armored Core: for Answer demo out in Japan

The awkwardly-named Armored Core: for Answer has just received the demo treatment on the Japanese PlayStation Store.

Clocking in at a modest 517 MB, the demo should provide the answer to our question - is this new iteration in the series a significant upgrade from the letdown that was Armored Core 4? According to PSU's forum members, it's not, citing horrid controls and a poor framerate as reasons to the contrary.

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ajeben8093761d ago

these guys need to prove themselves in the next generation of gaming, theirs so many good games out that amored core will be so easy to overlook unless something amazing is done

zainkis3761d ago

armored core is nice and all.... but i prefer a good combat figher sim... but really.... why is macross pic doing up there... >.> i thought they going to make a macross game x.x

Keowrath3761d ago

Haha, I thought the same thing. SDF-1!!!

Downloaded the demo last night, yet to see how it plays.

Palodios3761d ago

I've been a big Armored Core fan since the beginning, but it seems like the last few installments have come out of nowhere every six months, and the first time I usually see them, they're already in the bargain bins. I wish they would just stop playing the EA game, and put more effort into making a quality AC that reinvents the same old series. The concept is incredible, but its getting a little stale.

zPlayer3760d ago

this game has had one of the macross artist working on it. its been said that it is much better than ac4 by those playing the japanese version of the game