Banjo-Conker…You're in our hearts

In late December, Banjo-Conker was diagnosed with brain cancer that has kept him in constant trips to the hospital over the last few months. Having recently undergone surgery to help relieve the pain, the procedure failed to relenquish the pain he has had to endure. Sadly, the doctors later told him that he, essentially, may have only a few more months left to live. With that in mind, the doctors have given him an option to go through brain surgery in hopes of once again relieving his pain and, potentially, annihilating the cancer.

Brain surgery is a very dangerous procedure with the possibility that, those who undergo it, may never return. I ask that you all keep him in your minds and prayers that he will return safely.

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TrevorPhillips3621d ago

i hope u get well soon banjo conker u were a great person whenever i wanted help with things i would always come to you get well :(

TrevorPhillips3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

i would like to pay a tribute to Banjo conker because he is having a big brain surgery to remove the cancer and might have a chance of not making it so i would like everyone on n4g and rare-elite to have a 1 min silence plz

Odion3621d ago

lets hope for the best to a fellow gamer!

THWIP3621d ago

Who the hell is Banjo-Conker??? :/

Matsuiichi3621d ago

I agree! I have no clue! Bubbles for you.

Yi-Long3621d ago

... first Gary Daniels died, and now this(!)


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