Destiny MMO features detailed

Bungie's Lead engineer Chris Butcher explained some of the MMO-like features available in Destiny, the upcoming persistent online shooter published by Activision.

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camel_toad1614d ago

Before the e3 presentation it was only a buy but yeh it definitely became a must buy after that.

Alexious1614d ago

The first "reveal" they did a few months ago was pretty underwhelming, but this one at E3 was great.

I hope that PvP is not confined to "arenas"-"battl egrounds", though.

NextGen24Gamer1614d ago

Day One purchase for me as well! Bungie did a great job with the Halo games and this looks to be even bigger and better!

I love the MMO charactoristics and I've always thought that Bungie was one of the best game developers....

I'm very happy that they went multiplatform for this next generation.

Sony fans will be very pleased and it's cool that their work can reach more gamers now!

I know people look at me as an xbox guy...I do support and love my xbox, but before I'm an xbox guy, I'm a Gamer! I love games. There are games I love exclusive to Sony and Nintendo and Xbox.

I'm just fortunate enough to be able to afford everything I want.

On a side note, the 9 other guys in my family/friend share circle will be in absolute Heaven. I buy EVERYTHING!!!! LOL...

FullMetalTech1614d ago

Seems to be similar with games like Guild War, Rift and Defiance.

mediate-this1614d ago

looks like a good game. I have a feeling mmos are going to be huge in the next gen consoles

Livecustoms1614d ago

Same ! i think MMO will finaly make it BIG on the console scene !

Festano1614d ago

Definitely going to be a good product. Bungie knows his stuff.

Brixxer6001614d ago

This is the game i'm interested in the most .

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The story is too old to be commented.