GTA IV to Start NaturalMotion Bidding Frenzy

This article at Gameplayer uses their hands-on experience with GTA IV and Euphoria engine to propose that the company NaturalMotion will become the best buy on the market folling the release of Rockstar's game. NaturalMotion manke the Euphoria Engine.

"We've played the game extensively and Euphoria's power is undeniable. In the mother of all open-world games, it utilises the mother of all open-animation technologies in a city so detailed and enormous the domino effect described above is, for all intents and purposes, endless. It's literally a case of 'if a butterfly flaps its wings in Alderney…'"

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Skerj3763d ago

Natural Motion has rocked since they released Endorphin, I'm glad to see that they're getting the recognition they deserve. I guess now it's time for me to buy in. ..

NO_PUDding3763d ago

I love the Endorphin vids on Youtube (not the wrestling ones).

But also in the GTAIV trailer (the most recent one) that guy fallign down the tsairs, after beign shot is sickly beauitful. So relastic, the way, that he's blown away a bit, and yet his foot is trying to fidn the ground to support him, and then he tries to use his hands.

I cannot wait for this game, just so I can push people down subway stairs....

Is that weird?

bloop3763d ago

Not weird at all my friend. In fact, I'd be more than happy to go freeroam with you and throw lots of people down lots of stairs in unison :) 1 month left, argh......can't.......wait.... ....any.....more

SlappingOysters3763d ago

Is this company on the market? Could be a smart investment

Genki3763d ago

and from the very beginning I've been extremely puzzled as to why people either aren't injecting money, resources, and technology into their research or USING what they've developed.

BrotherNick3763d ago

Do they have a stock? I would invest in it once gta4 comes out...I bet it'd double.