Confirmed: New Star Ocean 4 and Infinite Undiscovery details in Famitsu next week

Square Enix have announced that in order to celebrate the release of Star Ocean: Second Evolution, they are planning a Tri-Ace blowout on Famitsu next week which will include new media and info on Star Ocean 4 (name is subject to change, according to Square Enix), Infinite Undiscovery and Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One.

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zainkis3766d ago

info on star ocean please!!!!

Darkiewonder3766d ago

Next week will be disastrous.

Matsuiichi3766d ago

I couldn't agree more. Basically, as soon as info comes out on which console Star Ocean is going to...

Oye. I have my aspirin ready. As long as it comes out on PS3, I'll be okay. :D

zainkis3766d ago

if it doesnt come out on ps3... i'll just have to get a 360!!!

Angelitos3766d ago

Dont worry guys, its a PS3 exclusive.