EA – A Bad Company?

EA's obsession with micro-payments will be its undoing. Gameplayer examines how the current EA business strategy is not the way to recover from making a loss in the last financial year.

"This is double dipping. Last time we checked, there was no advisory sticker on the box saying that you have to pay extra to get the full experience. Oh, and let's not forget the ~50% of Australian gamers whose consoles aren't connected to the internet. They don't even get the chance to pay twice. They're stuck with an incomplete game. Forever."

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CaliGamer3619d ago

Is pushing into dangerous territory. I really hope their incompetence doesn't spawn a trend among game developers and publishers. It would be a shame to have otherwise fine games ruined by corporate greed, gaming is straying enough away from it's roots as it is.

I really dislike EA.

vitz33619d ago

The best we all can do is just not buy it.

I've done my part and haven't bought any EA published games in over 4 years. NEVER will I EVER pay for DLC either.

Montrealien3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

what is this, 1994? The same kind of arguments where happening in gamepro and EGM mail bags 15 years ago. They have not destroyed our beloved industry, they have not ruined gaming, and they will continue to thrive as long as people buy their products, wich they do. Do you think a few tinfoil hat wearing tweens not buying there products will change this? no.

If anything, EA helped to shape the gaming industry into the mainstream behemoth we have today, and if you can't understand this, put that tinfoil hat back on and hope those conspiracy rays don't corrupt your pure gaming brain.

grow up, buy what you want and don't judge what you don't understand.

CaliGamer3619d ago

Have you stopped to look at the selection of football games you have? Basically EA is the only game in town, and it's not because they are innovative. This is a bad move and that's a fact, and just the RROD this should outrage consumers to the point of massive action.

People like to downplay things until it's too late and then complain once it becomes standard practice. FYI, the best way to stop something you don't like is to stop it at the beginning.

Sorry, but I'm just not a conformist and in this case I make my feelings known with my wallet.

Montrealien3619d ago

then let her rip my friend and don't spend. It is your right, beautiful no?

btw, I don't play football games and the people that do, seem to rather enjoy madden, who am I to judge?


I am through with EA , got a good football game you can recommend ? there slogan should changed form if its in the game its in the game to if its in the game were not going to put it in the game...were just going to make it shiiiiiy because were EA and we have the exclusive. We want to buy everybody so we can make crap games .

CaliGamer3618d ago (Edited 3618d ago )

Some wannabe smart a$$, LOL. Montrealien must have stock in EA.

Save your EA apologist drivel for someone else buddy, EA is a bad company and that's a FACT.

[email protected] right I know it's my choice not to support EA, been making that choice since I have been a gamer, so your point is? LOL.

Good for you if you don't play football games, I happen to kinda like football and it upsets me that Madden is the only choice I have. Never said people who like Madden are wrong, I said I didn't like it, learn some reading comprehension before you go ballistic all over a post.

ROFL, kids these days.

Better wipe your mouth, you got some EA residue on the corners. LOL.

Good day sir.

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SlappingOysters3619d ago

Have been bad too - their Guitar Hero strategy si stuffed. All songs from GH 1 and GH 2 should be free on GH 3 if you bought the first two games.


I want to take that guitar and smash it on whomever is playing that retarded as game.

Montrealien3619d ago

Guitar hero to hard for you? bet you can`t dance either, rhythm can be a complicated thing to grasp.

Storm233619d ago

Is that a serious question?

mighty_douche3619d ago

If your a stock holder then No, but if your simply a gamer (like us) then Yes.

CBaoth3619d ago

LOL...could you imagine having not only upgrading hardware but now software too.

Kid: Hey mom, I need a $100 bucks to buy this new HDD for Madden'15
Mom: Sure honey...keep up the good grades
Kid: Oh, and I almost forgot - I need another $20 bucks too for the game too
Mom: (confused) Didn't we already buy the game for you on your birthday?
Kid: Yeah, but the Cowboys aren't included. They cost $14.99 and the playbook costs an extra $4.99

Montrealien3619d ago

Until EA actually does something like this, we have nothing to complain about, if they do, we burn there offices cause they would have gone to far. Till then, assuming only makes you look like an a$$.

staub913619d ago

Im pretty sure that is what ea is planning to do with Battlefield Bad Company. So who is the @ss now?

Montrealien3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

not me, that`s for sure. We where talking about Bad company? I agree the gun thing seems to much but then again, tell the people buying it not to buy that. But if they do and are happy with it, who are we to judge?

I was refering to the madden comment, it was a little extreme to assume you will have to buy teams in an NFL game, but if it goes that far, we burn their offices. TO me buying 10-15 dollars of content in a game to add abit more it like buying a lmt edition game and every company does that. EA just does it another way, and it seems to be working for them.

qohelet3619d ago

eaids must be stopped,
our wallets are our best weapons...

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