Eurogamer: GT5 Prologue misses PSN launch date

Eurogamer writes: "Gran Turismo 5 Prologue appears to have missed its March 27th PlayStation Network launch date, with the game unavailable from Sony's PAL store at the time of writing.

Speculation grew as the day wore on with no new files that Sony was holding off until it was possible to include the new Grand Theft Auto IV trailer - the embargo on that was 10pm - but as the hour came and went still the storefront remained unchanged.

In fact, a big fat nothing has gone up on PSN overnight, despite us staying up until our eyes bled, and Sony hasn't said anything to the press yet, or on the European PS3 forums, where people are not very impressed."

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mighty_douche3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I was gutted! I checked it every hour untill about 3am (thought i better sleep) and no joy, quite disappointted.

Still, i orginallly said i would buy the BR version so I'm kind of happy, because if it WAS on the store last night, no doubt i would of broken under the pressure and bought it.

Dont take the chance today chaps, get yourself down to your local shop and get it on Blu-Ray!

(side note) UK Asda selling prologue BR for £18 :)

sonarus3763d ago

This is why having updates only on Thursday is stupid

predator3763d ago

dude thanks for the tip, i was contemplating where to get it from, Asda it is

PirateThom3763d ago

I still think they delayed the PSN update in order to have the disc and download versions up at the same time, so as not to annoy retailers.

Baba19063763d ago

theyx could put the trailes or something at least. =(

Ghoul3763d ago

just get rid of those thursday updates and release content as they arrive.

MaximusPrime3763d ago

I received BR yesterday and was pleased. Very happy with offline gaming. I had problems gettin online. I had 2 'update' it. It didnt work. This morning i tried again and it works. Thank you for such an awesome game, sony! Btw- sorry 2 hear that intended psn downloaders havin problems.

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The story is too old to be commented.