Baseball games over the years

From World Series Baseball 95, to MLB 2K8, baseball video games will never be the same. Read on about how one gamer truly wishes baseball games will get better over the upcoming years and why the "next-gen" has failed to deliver so far for baseball games.

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Grown Folks Talk3884d ago

Bases Loaded (back to back homers with Paste & Bay), & Hardball from Sega Genesis.

cybervike3884d ago

Bases Loaded (NES) was awesome!

Grown Folks Talk3884d ago

Adrian Peterson is awesome. Just wait until he's not sharing carries with Taylor. He's going to shatter the single season record. Baseball Stars & RBI Baseball weren't bad either.


when he mentioned 2k8 on the xbot i knew he suck balls. go get a ps3 and the show and you will forget all those other baseball games fuktard

Grown Folks Talk3884d ago

killa? Why don't you trade in your "xbot" for some PS3 games?

Frnicatr3884d ago

Ken Griffey Junior's Baseball!