Google No Kids

Google's terms of service, while ignored by the vast majority of users, contain a pretty shocking clause: Under 18's are not permitted to use any of Google's Web properties. That's right, kids--no search, YouTube, Gmail, news, or images.

Under 18s wishing to watch YouTube videos of skateboarding dogs, or perform research for a school project will have to go or Microsoft's search, perhaps. The message from Mountain View seems clear: We don't want your (underage) business.

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VigorousApathy3217d ago

I agree, if kids use google they'll eventually start googling themselves. I know I did. Thanks google.

VigorousApathy3215d ago

No one got my joke. Oh well, I guess there are too many kids on this site.

Kakkoii3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

Lol it's not that they don't want there business.

It's that Google would rather not have parent's trying to take them to court because little Timmy discovered that MELONS aren't just a fruit. lol.

xhairs3217d ago

lol I would agree if it weren't that google puts a "safesearch" on it automatically when you go to the site. It took me forever to find it so i could turn it off to see some REAL melons... ;)

Kakkoii3217d ago

Google's safe search can't catch 100% of the images on the internet.

With safe search on you can still find many adult pictures in the image search.

TurdStationPee3216d ago

Try researching the C*ck farm animal for a school project.

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Lumbo3217d ago

Waste of time to read a Microsoft owned page whine about google and how people should use MS LiveSearch instead ...

Yoma3217d ago

Microsoft rumor to get more peoples use Live Search and such..

xhairs3217d ago

seems like what they're saying with the last article i read, GTA 4: Better on the 360 version?

Completely biased guy writes a 3 page summary of 15 points that have absolutely nothing to do with the game itself. lol..

YoMeViet3217d ago

Live Search? Never heard of it.

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The story is too old to be commented.