Gears of War 2 Wishlist looks into what they would love to see in Gears of War 2, along with content being influenced by their community.

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Sayai jin3675d ago

More maps and more players during multiplayer, but it seems like they are adding a lot of stuff I already wanted into Gears of War 2 anyways.

Cristiano3675d ago

I hope they have some dedicated servers,the lag took some fun out of multiplayer.

Monchichi0253675d ago

It must be your connection because I have never experienced it online.

But I just want one thing in Gears 2. The ability to crawl away to safety when injured. I hate being sniped from a distance then not being able to move to safety till a teamate comes to save me.

KaaL3675d ago

I hope gears 2 explain a little more about what is happening to this world. Or have they done that in the first one that I hadn't notice? Maybe I'm just bad at following a game's story line if it's not an RPG.

jollygoodchap83675d ago

I had no idea I killed the last boss til it was all over. The story wasn't told very well at all, and it was kinda short.

Everything else was perfect tho.

bob20833675d ago

more vehicles would be really cool with more interaction with the surroundings

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