1UP: TiQal Review

1UP writes: "Did you know that the Mayans primarily got their water from cenotes, freshwater sinkholes they believed were gateways to the world of the afterlife? Though TiQal plays like a power-up-laden version of Tetris mixed with Lumines, it isn't only about trying to stem the flow of an ever-rising network of blocks; the story -- an archaeological journey through the ancient Mayan civilization, combined with random facts about Mayan culture -- adds an undeniably strange, though not unpleasant, twist to the standard block-bashing formula. It's neither as challenging nor as addicting as the games it tries to emulate, but the adventure is diverse enough to ensnare those looking for another puzzle quest.

From a gameplay perspective, TiQal feels an awful lot like Lumines without the rhythm-charged hook. The playing field is spread out more horizontally than vertically, ensuring you'll have to constantly zoom your dropper from one end to the other to stop these darn blocks from rising. Combos function, again, like in Lumines. Once you form a 2x2 square of the same color, you'll get a few seconds to pour on more blocks before the whole thing implodes. The action gets particularly hectic as you try to string together multiple combos across the level, with the music seamlessly quickening its pace to match the player's escalating pulse."

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