1UP: MLB 08: The Show PSP Review

1UP writes: "Baseball at 30,000 feet never felt this good. A perfect companion for an international flight or cross-country train ride, MLB 08: The Show is handheld hardball at its absolute best. Last season, I lauded this series' innovation, and while the game doesn't reinvent itself this year, it didn't need to. Instead, it's righted almost every one of last year's wrongs and sprinkled in enough new content to keep it from feeling like a repeat.

The essence of the game comes through crisply in the pitcher-batter interface, which clearly communicates you're playing hardcore baseball. When you're at the plate, down in the count 0-2, there's little better than battling your way to a base hit or a walk. During those matchups, you can feel the emotion and momentum in a swing, the relief of a close pitch called a ball, and the agony of lacing a liner just foul. When you finally succeed, it's like winning the lottery. Even in failure, you feel like you got your money's worth. The battle's even better this year because there's no longer a framerate drop when the ball leaves the bat. You see it clean, and the hiccups are gone. Thankfully, the developers beat those same belches out of the defense this year, too. Now you'll see silky animations when you're turning a 6-4-3."

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