IGN: Condemned 2 AU Review

IGN AU writes: "Who hasn't ever hosted the notion of grabbing a crazy woman in bondage gear, throwing her head into a hydraulic press and creating brains-pâté? Let me see a show of hands. Nobody? …Alright, so most normal people (read: non-IGN staff) can go about their lives without resorting to heretofore unheard of levels of violence, but that's the kind of game series Condemned is. It's the ends justifying the utterly blood-sodden means. It's a game about a drunken jerk who kills his way through junkies and monsters to stop a serial killer who has a thing for severing heads and ripping people up. Not exactly the happiest premise, really.

Of course, it does provide plenty of gameplay meat to gnaw on along the way, and Condemned 2 (or Condemned 2: Bloodshot, if you're a yankee), sequel to one of the Xbox 360's most compelling launch titles, tries very hard to immerse you in a blend of David Fincher's 'Seven' and developer Monolith's own F.E.A.R. On the whole, it's scary, strange and very occasionally inventive for a game that sits in a very crowded genre of me-too horror FPSs."

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