Gamedaily: Worms: A Space Oddity Review

Gamedaily writes: "Few strategy games have had the longevity that the Worms franchise has enjoyed. A Space Oddity, the latest entry in the series and the first to come to the Wii, doesn't stray far from the formula set by its predecessors, and it's not a very lengthy game, but it does add a number of new elements that manage to push the series forward.

As evidenced by the game's subtitle, this one takes place in space. Featuring a Pikmin-esque plotline, the Worms crash their spacecraft and must collect the pieces to reassemble it and make their way home (wherever that may be). The game features all the humor you've come to expect, and some of the sci-fi themed weapons further add to that. There are six areas to visit, each featuring a unique visual theme and sporting appropriate (and quite good) music. That being the case, series vets will likely be able to plow through the game in record time, especially considering the first area is simple enough to feel like a tutorial."

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