Japanese Sales Data: Media Create hardware sales for 17/3 – 23/3

The Nintendo DS has wrestled the top position back from the PSP to be the best-selling console for the week ending the 23rd of March. According to the latest Media Create figures, the DS sold 65 055 units this week, almost 12 000 units more than last week's 53 266 units.

Most of the systems recorded an increase in hardware sales this week, bar the PS3 and Xbox 360 which both dropped slightly in terms of sales. Nintendo's Wii held on to second place in the console race with 62 404 units, also significantly up from last week's 55 845 units. The Sony PSP sold 59 833 units, a marginal increase from last week's 57 651 units.

The PS3 sold 12 874 units this week, roughly 2 000 units less than last week's 14 934 units. Its younger brother is still selling steadily at 9 990 units in comparison to 9 930 units last week. The Xbox 360 sold 1 407 units, slightly down from last week's 1 744 units.

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shine13963644d ago

what!!! My mate in japan's saying that its going 'monster' crazy over there if you know what I mean...last years biggest selling japanese game was monster hunter on the Psp, right?