Pocket-lint: House Of The Dead 2 and 3 Return Review

Pocket-lint writes: "The arcade and Sega Dreamcast classic House of the Dead is back, this time on the Nintendo Wii, but should you pick up your weapon once more or has your life changed too much over the past decade to not warrant the effort? We get pistol-whipping to find out.

If you ever managed to play House of the Dead 2 at the arcade or with the gun pointing at the television with the Sega Dreamcast version you'll be right at home. Identical in graphics and gameplay as the original, there isn't anything new here apart from the fact you're now controlling this with your Wii Remote rather than something that's likely to get you stopped by the police on the way to your mates house."

The good: Two player, full of memories, fast-paced, cheap

The bad: Nothing new, no save option

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