Action Trip: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Action Trip writes: "Most developers continue using senseless violence as a selling point for games. God forbid they'd concentrate on offering a meaningful game concept, preferably seasoned with a half-way decent plot. Rockstar made a similar mistake with its controversial and greatly disappointing PS2/Wii game, Manhunt 2. The pointless scenes of death and brutality failed to cover up an otherwise bland and shallow game experience. Condemned 2 doesn't fall into the same trap. Sure it has enough grotesque scenes to make you feel nauseous, but so does your average Hollywood horror flick. Unlike Manhunt 2, the controversial themes effectively work to the game's advantage, in the sense that they create a far more immersive atmosphere, not to mention an engaging gameplay."

Incredibly realistic combat, improvements have made a difference, overall more fun that the original, the authentic atmosphere gets two thumbs up;

Infrequent AI bugs, the absence of ordinary moves like ducking and jumping slows down gameplay, multiplayer feels almost pointless.

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