GameStop dates Prototype, Splinter Cell V, and more

One of our loyal X3F Army tipsters has outed himself as an employee of GameStop, but to make up for it he sent us a camera phone image of a few release dates. While you should take these dates with a grain of salt some of them are accurate, specifically Ninja Gaiden 2, Soul Calibur IV and Civilization Revolution.

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sonarus3740d ago

i'm guessing we will see more at E3 on SC. I STILL think the game will be lame. I will be looking at prototype closely though. Looks better than infamous (from the little we have seen) however sucker punch are pretty capable guys. Let us give them more time.

I expected ubisoft to try to sneak conviction on us sort of the way they did with vegas. Looks like that won't be the case.

LarVanian3740d ago

InFamous will be better than Prototype, I can guarantee you that!

sonarus3740d ago

hmmm we havn't seen anything on infamous. I personally don't think prototype will be that great. Probably as great as ultimate destruction. A nice game none the less. I have no real expectations for infamous though. Just havn't seen enough

Harry1903740d ago

is splinter cell a timed exclusive?

sonarus3740d ago

as far as we know, it CANNOT be done on the ps3.

GETPONED3740d ago

No SC for you. But u still get the lesser SC clone (mgs).

sonarus3740d ago

@getponed i weep silently knowing i won't be playing SC. Where i sit on park benches and eaves drop on coversations. Toss cell phones on the floor to distract guards. Have "unstealth like" fist fights with guards and then i am probably sure i will pick a pocket or two.
weep weep weep. The sorrow is almost too much to bare.
I will fvkin Laugh Out Loud when bourne conspiracy surpasses SC. At least their hand to hand combat doesn't look retarded

Gorgon3739d ago

"as far as we know, it CANNOT be done on the ps3." also believe in Santa? I remember when Assassins Creed was anounced that it could "only be done on the PS3". Right...

It's incredible how people fall for this PR crap.

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Dark General3740d ago

I don't have a 360 yet but Splinter Cell: Convictions is definitely one of my most anticipated games for it (along with Ninja Gaiden 2 and A. Wake). I hope it's different from Assassins Creed though as Sonarus pointed out. Because it was starting to seem like the two games would be too similar. I do hope though before i pick mines up that the price of the wi-fi adapter drops a bit. 100 smackers is steep for my blood.

sonarus3739d ago

yea msoft peripherals are a b!tch. Don't try going 3rd party either. I tried getting a 3rd party wireless router it didn't work well at all. In the end it was just a waste of money.

Dark General3739d ago

Thanks for the heads up man. Looks like i'll be plunking down that extra C note so i can have a good wi-fi connection.

Angelitos3739d ago

the devs CANT HANDLE the PS3, thats why they cant do it on the PS3.