GT5 Prologue: High Quality F2007 Videos

GTPlanet user dark_ruffo has created two excellent videos of the F2007 in action on the full Suzuka Circuit. Both are of the same lap, inside the car and out. It's one of the first complete replays that GTplanet has seen on the full circuit, and it is nothing short of fantastic. To put things in perspective, GTPlanet has also included an onboard lap of Suzuka with Michael Schumacher in the F2006. Play both on-board videos at the same time to see how they compare.

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Lord Anubis3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

it's pretty cool the attention to detail on the wheel and how the driver paddle shifts.

Also you can sync real life against GT5 and you'll see who is the better driver. :P

Honeal2g3644d ago

i always wondered why they dont use wat ever engine they use to make racers for like actual games... this looks soo real its scares me to know that the ps3 has only been out for a year

sonarus3644d ago

well racing games are very very different. The same engine used to model a car might not model a human as effectively

Jamaicangmr3644d ago

Now thats impressive. Can't wait to earn my 2mil crds so i can drive that baby in a few online races.

wulan3644d ago

finish the console war GT5P

we all know its over for x360 tomorrow in UK/EUROPE.

wii ---u are next

iAmPS33644d ago

This GT5:P is just a teaser for the best racing simulation game ever.
The F1 runs better than a 100% of the F1 games out there, it's nothing short of amazing.

Way to go Polyphony =D

bob20833644d ago

can't wait to play it just bought a copy on a break from work.
Now just thinking of what excuse i can make to go home early :P

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The story is too old to be commented.