Take Two pins its hopes on Grand Theft Auto

Amid the furore surrounding the violent content of video games, which may soon be forced to carry cigarette-style health warnings, a new release of one of the most controversial but successful franchises is set to play a crucial role in the grittiest takeover battle the sector has seen in years.

Grand Theft Auto IV, a dark adventure in the seedy underworld of Liberty City, promises to be the biggest computer games event of 2008.

The game's success is critical to the future of Take Two, its manufacturer, which is trying to stave off a $2 billion bid from Electronic Arts, its larger rival.

Despite its violent and amoral content, some believe the game could sell as many as fivemillion copies in its first week, generating more than $300 million (£149 million) at retail.

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Dannagar3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I dread the idea of EA buying Take Two. EA is a monster. The last thing we need is for them to down size Take Two, and take all their properties. Rockstar has done a fantastic job with the GTA series. I can't wait for GTA4 to come out because I want to see Take Two's stock rise so we don't see a hostel takeover from EA.

T_Tokyo20103678d ago

"Electronic Arts has promised to respect Grand Theft Auto's edgy heritage to ensure that the game's key developers stay loyal if the company was to succeed with its bid."

I don't buy that promise for some reason.

DarkArcani3678d ago

That EA will try to do anything to make more money if they do get T2. Removing blood and cursing, in hopes to get a lower rating system. Think about how many EA shooters have no blood in them. Black is a big one along with the Battlefields. I feel EA removed people from Burnout to get a lower rating system. I don't think for one minute that EA will let the original Devs have free roam to do what ever they want for GTA.

budbundystyles3678d ago

I'm with Tokyo, EA cannot be trusted!

IntelligentAj3678d ago

When it's all said and done this game will probably bring in a billion dollars for TakeTwo. EA knows this which is why they are trying to take the company before the game release because they know they are going to have increase their bid dramatically.

meepmoopmeep3678d ago

EA will ruin a good franchise. I hope GTA4 does extremely well for Take Two so that it won't need an aquisition... at least not from EA

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The story is too old to be commented.