GamesRadar's "Most Hated Woman in America" Interview

GamesRadar's Week of HATE special Interview

Talkin' games with the Most Hated Woman in America
For those unfamiliar with the enchanting Shirley Phelps-Roper, she's the most vocal member of the nationally reviled Westboro Baptist Church. Seen on numerous television programs and the subject of the BBC documentary The Most Hated Family in America, Shirley and the WBC have become notorious for obnoxiously disrupting the funerals of US soldiers with cartoonish homophobia and doomsday prophecies.

But we wanted to chat with her about games over a tall glass of Hatorade. She was nice enough to participate in an interview with the eternally doomed and that takes some character. And guess what? She has a Wii!

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HeroOfCows3645d ago

Why can't she have been born in a country without freedom of speech?

Kulupoo3645d ago

ya i think interrupting a funeral is definitely stepping over the line.

xplosneer3644d ago

GR: Agreed. So you don’t think videogames had any influence on Columbine or the Virginia Tech shooting?
SPR: No. Of course not

003644d ago

should be jack thompson.

Jon Cage3644d ago

What the hell is wrong with the media that keeps going to these idiots for interviews? I might think that people that talk loudly on their phones are going to hell. But I don't go around protesting at funerals saying your son died in a car crash cause he was on his phone. GOD hates him and that's why he died. The media in this world is very broken. Why focus on news when you can sell papers, magazines, airtime for a bunch of crap.

truncheon3644d ago

...movin' to the beat of The Man...

Sorry, couldn't resist a little A.P.P. reference there. My point is that the media's sole function is to get people to pay attention to it. The resulting sensationalized approach to journalism is why Americans know every last detail about Britney's custody problems but can't figure out why the economy is collapsing. Luckily, there is a power button which can be used to silence the omnidirectional sludge pump. Media only has as much power as you give it!

LeonSKennedy4Life3644d ago

"Some just can't teach."

Seriously, this is taking it too far. Regardless of your opinion of an individual or what they stand for, protesting a FUNERAL is against EVERY NATION'S unwritten code of conduct. That's just sick!

Also, saying that God hates ANYBODY is a contradiction of the traditional view of him...and that's why people believe.

You can't blame God for sin that WE decided to start doing. We HAD our chance! We're lucky that he even steps in every once in awhile. If he didn't, this world wouldn't be in the mediocre shape it is. It would have torn itself apart by now. If I was him, I would've given up on us a long time ago.

God creates man. Man turns on God. God still loves man for SOME reason! Man complains.

MattFoley3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

nice Cool Hand Luke reference but its reach not teach. Bubbles

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The story is too old to be commented.