GTA IV Trailer 4 Analysis

GTA IV Trailer 4 Analysis done by EGM managing editor Greg Ford and GameVideos guru David Ellis.

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Jamaicangmr3735d ago

So what no mention of the awwsome sound track? Ok i'll mention it. The sound track is "Real Macoy" by Movado a Jamaican entertainer. The song fits this game perfectly in my opinion because of the type of song and the game share simularities.

Movado - Real Macoy

ustayclassyn4g3735d ago

I was wondering what the song was...I agree the soundtrack is sweet, and the game don't look half bad either:-)

shine13963735d ago

a little dose of awesomeness...


lol...ya just a little for now.

by the end of April you will OD on this S£$t !

i love the sound tracks to GTA, some of the best collections of music you can get all in one box.

i have all the radio stations box sets from vice city and Sanandreas. i wish they would do one for GTA 3.