Eye of Judgment Wave 2 Decks Listed

PLAYSTATION 3 gamers in the US missed out on the Eye of Judgment Wave 2 downloadable content that was originally scheduled to be released today, due to distribution delays of the Wave 2 cards. The delay was announced last week. The good news is the first signs of the cards coming to retail have popped up on's website. See a listing and pictures of the decks here.

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TheHater3619d ago

I just pick up this game today. I am have a really good time messing with it and learning the rules and what no

Barreldragon003619d ago

Ya it is. if you add me i'll play you a few games
I only have the the starter pack and one booster so you don't have to worry about me having a supper deck.
I haven't played it in a while , just because i let my table turn in to a mess and haven't had the time to set it back up yet.