Assassin's Creed Producer Jade Raymond Bailing on Sequel?

A recent quote by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot may shed insight into Raymond's future projects.

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Asurastrike3222d ago

She's the PRODUCER! She has nothing to do with the game other than making sure it gets out on time.

Shigeru Miyamoto3221d ago

Pay crose attenshen to her body

mikeslemonade3221d ago

Awwww I will miss her pretty face and hot body...

Danja3221d ago

Big deal...UBi needs to make sure AC2 comes out Bug free.....with a better story...

Breakfast3221d ago

The game has loads of potential, now just to tap it.

Danja3221d ago

I now it does..I did enjoy it....just didn't like the ending..left me in such a loop-hole.....

but im so looking forward to seeing how the trilogy unfolds...

pwnsause3221d ago

i didnt like the ending either, but I guess thats the point for sequels. they have to make this game not become repetitive, the story is epic, its there, they just need to do it right.

name3221d ago

I'll tap it.

Yeah I know, horrible pun.

But wow I haven't heard her name in ages

GETPONED3221d ago

Maybe it won't suck as much.

LeonSKennedy4Life3221d ago


They used her for sex appeal.

I'd leave too!

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