GameSpot reviews Nanostray 2

Hundreds of enemies. Thousands of projectiles. Millions of points at stake. Billions of ways to die. Nanostray 2, in classic shoot-'em-up tradition, pits these mind-bending numbers against the power of one in a relentless challenge that demands precision, rewards determination, and castigates error. Yet despite the daunting challenges it poses, Nanostray 2 does not require seasoned twitch reflexes for admission. This accessibility, along with its competent execution and attractive visuals, makes Nanostray 2 a draw for genre veterans and neophytes alike.

The Good
* Great-looking 3D enemies and backgrounds
* Sharp touch-screen controls
* Good range of difficulty won't exclude novices
* Challenges and simulators offer a refreshing change of pace.

The Bad
* D pad controls too sluggish
* Disappointing single-card play.

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