Nidzumi : UEFA Euro 2008 Demo Impressions

Nidzumi Writes : Every 2 years we get treated to another game based on the FIFA engine for the World Cup & Euro tournaments and it's now that time for latter to make its appearance in the form of UEFA Euro 2008...

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rev203619d ago

I think you have your whole rant the wrong way round.

Ill start with the current games fair enough fifa this year for the first time in God know's how long has the edge on pro evo.

All other versions before that pro evo destroyed Fifa and it was usually the people that sat on the arses that bought fifa just because of the official licenses and kits.

Pes 6 still to this day craps all over fifa 08 hopefully in the next installment they will go back to where they nearly had perfection ;)

Harry1903619d ago

but fifa08 has not been outclassed mate.
it stands its ground.
pes 5 was the best of the lot.