Warhammer Online: The Fall of Altdorf - GameSpy's Preview

As GameSpy recently found out on a visit to developer Mythic's Fairfax, Virginia headquarters, Warhammer Online is not about leveling up. This isn't really a secret; the basic design of the game has been public knowledge for a while. Player characters top out at level 40 and can hit that point relatively quickly (at least in MMO terms) because the emphasis is on so-called "Fourth Tier" gameplay -- the Realm-vs.-Realm struggle in which the six races will attempt to push the borders of their war back to the enemy's capital city in order to burn it to the ground. However, the full implications of that design would change during GameSpy's largest presentation of the day -- a grand tour through the whole "Fourth Tier," from playing in the Inevitable City to the eventual fall of Altdorf. GameSpy would follow the liberators of the Lord of Change as they moved south against the tyrannical Empire.

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