Age Ratings For Games: Will They Work?

Psychologist Tanya Byron says a massive campaign to warn parents and teachers of the dangers to children is needed.

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Breakfast3469d ago

Iv been playing violent video games since i was like...5. Nothings wrong with me...But, man, i sure wish i could push down the writer of this article and stick and ax in his stomach.

meepmoopmeep3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

kids always manage to get their hands on them. either from a parent or older sibling or friend. it's unavoidable.

maybe these people should focus on the problems with drugs, gangs, guns and everything else that kids are easily exposed to out there.

Breakfast3469d ago

no...its easier to blame video games. I didnt make my child do drugs and join a gang, gta made him do it.


They should just BLAME CANADA

Enigma_20993469d ago

... the ESRB facepalms itself muttering, "you morons... that's what WE'RE here for... you just keep ignoring us!!!"

IntelligentAj3469d ago

The ESRB already does this so where have they been?

bootsielon3468d ago

Is on my hit list even before Jack Thompson