Stargate Worlds screens

Stargate Worlds is an MMORPG under development by Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment in association MGM. The game will allow players to interact in an online universe based around Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

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vitz33765d ago

I'm calling it right now, that the first expansion pack will be the Furlings.

tgh machines3765d ago

looks great for an mmo. If this game doesn't have a fee i will prob pick it up.

zainkis3765d ago

the thing is... the game most likely will have a fee....

anyways... looks like a fine game to me, but i perfer the TV ver. :P but i might give it a try

Fux4Bux3765d ago

Basic concept is great for an MMO but I doubt it'll be any good.

Lucreto3765d ago

Looks good but I hate MMO games I wish they didn't cancel the shooter/puzzle game.