Why Nintendo's online gaming paranoia could kill the Wii

It's hardly an industry secret that Nintendo is the most reluctant console manufacturer of "the big three" when it comes to pushing online play on its latest home console. Xbox Live has really set the benchmark when it comes to providing what players now readily expect from a gaming experience that takes them into the wider virtual world outside of their own machine, Sony also seems to want to reach that same wavelength, but Nintendo still appears somewhat cautious about the whole idea - a decision that could potentially harm the chances of the Nintendo Wii in the years to come.

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M_Prime3646d ago

its coming along.. friend codes suck but the online itself works fine. i play brawl online all the time, though its not exactly easy to setup a game with friends. its no live but its better then the gamecube and ps2

pcz3646d ago

i haven't played the wii online yet.. mario kart will be my very first online gaming experience. i think the online service they provide (wii shop/vurtual console etc..) is very good. no complaints.

I Call 9MM3646d ago

I've said this before, but Nintendo could do so much with the Wii and online content. Imagine auto-downloaded, new fighters and maps into Smash Brothers Brawl, new areas added to games over time, just fresh, auto-downloaded content updating games all the time. Sure, sometimes they might charge for some larger things, but imagine games that could essentially evolve with new content over time. The Wii's power is definately on the "low end" of the spectrum when compared to the horse power of the new consoles, so adding new content wouldn't take up as much room on the data storage device as.

Nevermind that, but imagine the co-op and other games that could be made from existing and potential nintendo franchises. They are crazy not to invest in this. I'm sure they would make a butt load of cash off of a pokemon MMO (I think it would be a terrible idea for the young kids, their brains rotting with that garbage even more, but hey good cash source definately), or a star fox game could use online deathmatch competitions, or some kind of co-op mario game, idk. Lots of potential here. It's almost like purposely shooting yourself in the foot it's so stupid not to try it out.

Heck, 8 gig SDHC cards aren't that pricey anymore. Software update, make theme compatible with the Wii and you have tons of room for content. Next, HDD via USB and we're done.

Big Jim3646d ago

The target audience of the Wii isn't the kind of people who want to play on-line anyway. People can't play Wii Fit on-line.

Fux4Bux3646d ago

Nintendo is till stuck 10 years behind in online play AND in game design in general.

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