Requiem: Bloodymare interview by The MMO Gamer

The MMO Gamer recently had the opportunity to sit down with Gravity's Mario Fernandez Jr., community manager, and Joon Yoon, marketing and PR manager, to discuss Requiem: Bloodymare, and the process of importing East Asian titles in general.

Mario Fernandez Jr. on why the game is horror-themed: "We wanted to target a different market. There's a lot of fantasy MMOs out there. Our world was technologically advanced, but, through so much war and cataclysm it's changed dramatically. It's almost back to the medieval period.

It's a post-apocalyptic world. You still see remnants of the science, you have the DNA system, the fact that your character is a bio-engineered super-soldier, something unique to this world.

A lot of the monsters have a bio-mechanical feel, they'll have machine parts, gruesome things like monsters attached to other monsters, blood, gore, and a lot of different things."

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