Editorial: No To Paid Map Packs

Quicksave writes:

"The free content situaion for PC gamers is great. Maps, levels and other small content are usually given to player community for free from either the developer or the community itself. When developers give away free content, it was like they were saying "Thanks, for buying our game. Here's another map or two to make your purchase worthwhile." Relationships between the players and developers were formed. Developers knew that these acts of kindness will convince their players to come back to their games in the future, because they will get their's money's worth and probably a little more.

Unsurprisingly, console manufacturers and developers have embrassed the idea of additional downloadable content, but unlike on the PC platform, a majority of the content is being charged for. I do not expect everything to be given to the player community for free, but I do believe that there are certain pieces of content that the developers or console manufacturers should just give away. Multiplayer maps are such pieces of content."

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I Call 9MM3682d ago

I do think that all of these microtransactions and micro addons are really hurting the 360, in my honest opinion of course. I don't mind getting a few new maps here and there, but I don't want to pay like 10 dollars for three maps (hello there Halo 3 Heroic Pack, good thing your free now). It just creates too many different combinations of content out there. You can have a bunch of buddies with the same game, but different combinations of content because they didn't want to shell out for everything. Here's an example:

Say I have packs A,B,C, and D. I'm the big fanboy/loser, I buy everything. But I've got six buddies are smarter. Map pack B and D only had like one good map each, so two of my friends didn't buy them. Now, two of my buddies don't really like this game all that much, so they only bought pack A. And my last two friends are too poor/cheap/smart/whatever and didn't buy any map packs at all, they only have the free pack that is C let's say. Even though we all have the original game, because there are so many different packs out there, we can all only play the lowest common denominator together online, which means it's probably just the stock levels and those from pack C. Whoopi doo that I went and bought every damn map, I won't be able to play 90% of them anyway. See how fragmented the community gets when this happens. The game companies know it, they are not stupid. But they don't care, they make more money selling the same number of maps split up into more costly, multiple sets of packs then in one big lump some download.

My opinion is that we should not have these kinds of situations. There should be large, official expansion packs that provide a large wealth of content all at once for those willing to pay for it. It does cost money to make the content, after all. But, if the developers want to give away a few free maps here and there, they should be free to all, no questions asked. Hell, they should autodownload for you if you own the game... Oh, wait...

And we come to a problem that plagues the 360, no standard hard drive. Now, even if a company wants to patch their game and add new levels, those without HDDs won't have room to save the maps, shoot. It just doesn't work with the 360 unless the game makes the HDD mandatory, so it can ensure everyone has the same maps and puts them in the rotation. No problem on PC and PS3, but 360, no go. Come on microsoft, release an HDD cradle and let us install an extra HDD on the 360 of our choosing. Power from the SATA interface and connect it to the back USB and away we go.

poopface13681d ago

I dont like it when some people have the maps and some dont cause there is usualy only a few playlists with them or you can only play with people who paid for them. In CoD4s case Id say it would be cool for some free maps since so many people bought the game. But thats the problem, its a big money opportunity for microsoft, IW, activision, and even sony too. It is also my understanding that at least one map is from the game and one is a remake or something. Talk about cashing in. Mabe Ill wait till its free too. If they are going to encourage this then microsoft should make online play free and give gold subscription holders a certian amount of microsoft points per month or some crap like that.

9mm- you can connect an external harddrive to the 360 to stream music while playing. Thats all me and my friend tried so im not sure if you can use the HD for anything else, probaly not. I dont have an external HD to try.