Grand Theft Auto IV: Five Reasons You Want It

Why might you be one of the millions expected to buy GTA IV in 2008? We'll tell you.

1. iTunes killer?

Ever hear a random song on the radio and wish you could somehow snag it right then and there? If you're cruising around Liberty City, you can. In a video game first, Rockstar has teamed up with Amazon to let users mark any song they hear playing over the game's radio simply by making an in-game phone call. A few button-presses later, and the song will be waiting in your Amazon MP3 account. There's a lot here, too, as the soundtrack features over 150 songs spanning over a dozen genres, including exclusive tracks written just for the game by artists like Nas and The Greenskeepers in addition to plenty of obscure, hard-to-find material.

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rosebowl233619d ago

"Ever hear a random song on the radio and wish you could somehow snag it right then and there?"

Nope, can't say I have.

CrazyMystical3619d ago

not to sound dark but just the name alone is reason enough for me, the GTA franchise is 1 in few games that u can do this with.

TheTerminator3619d ago

Whats the point of this article

a lot of people already want it

shine13963619d ago

yeh...exactly what I thinking. enough said already.

EZCheez3619d ago

And I could name a hell of a lot more than 5. However, I didn't even know about the music option. That's cool as hell. I won't lie though. I kind of expected more than 150 songs, but that's just me being outrageous.

poeo3619d ago

w00t, Nas made a song for GTAIV? Sweet, I guess.

Yi-Long3619d ago

I'm a huge fan of Nas :) Very glad he is the game.
I'm not even a huge rapfan or anything like that, as I have a very varied taste in music, but he carries himself across as a smart, mature guy with most of the time really good lyrics etc. :)

I would have loved it if the game had 'I Gave You Power" and some other classics in it... but an original song is good too I guess :D

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The story is too old to be commented.