Gamers: These People Hate You

The Week of Hate - you're soaking in it. But while most of the resentment has been dispensed by either Games Radar, or by you, Games Radar thought it important to get an outsiders' perspective on exactly why gamers suck. In a daring act of gaming reportage, they took to the streets to risk their very lives and feelings to ask non-gamers what they hate about gamers.

Games Radar managed to cobble together some hardcore resentment from artists, geeks, musicians, hot chicks and hobos. It's beyond safe to say the people in this quick little vid detest gaming, and by association, you! A word of caution to those of fragile ego: The ladies are particularly harsh.

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Harry1903678d ago

stereotypes.hey,bikers are low lifes,people with piercings are pariahs,
salespersons are people with limited intellect.