Consoles to "die out" in the next 5 to 10 years

The man who set up and ran the European Xbox business for Microsoft, Sandy Duncan, believes that consoles as we know them today will "die out" in the next 5 to 10 years.

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Dudeson423767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )


But in all honesty, I think consoles will get more and more like PC's in terms of being much more useful than just for playing games, but I don't think they will ever "die out".

The Killer3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

which is there will be no console for MS after 360, what non sense is he bubbling about?? consoles r here to stay for many many years, of course by time they will change and improve and will include more features which is normal but to say they will die is BS, if he thinks like this then he should just apply it to his company's console!!
these MS PR's and exec(including bill gates) r always keeping dreaming about the future is coming after 24 hours!! they should wake up. DLC will never replace physical format. when ever they want to market something which sony didnt start yet, they always say "this is the day after the next 24h future,and for now we have the old tech" while sony they say "this is the present and the future). so MS either gives u old tech or something very new that no one is ready for and not even guaranteed.

JsonHenry3767d ago

Hey hey hey! Someone else saying what I have been saying for years! Consoles are trying to mimic PCs (download, internet browsing, demos, friends lists, VoIP..)

There will still be "consoles" just not what we see today. They will just be subsidized, proprietary, PC's that let devs build for one specific system or another.

But the day will come when all this nonsense about "PC gaming is dead" bullshit will come back and smack them in the face. YOUR console is becoming a PC!! lol, I love the irony in that.

But the best part is? ALL GAMERS WILL BENEFIT from it! So it doesn't matter whether you like one system or another. We, in the end, will be better for it just as gamers, not as fanboys.

JsonHenry3767d ago


Killer, you know NOTHING about IT trends if you think digital content (or download content as you put it) will not replace physical. IT ALREADY IS!!

That is why everyone is saying Blu-Ray is over before it got started. Not because Blu-Ray will not flourish for a while, just that direct to drive content, or web-accessed content, and virtualization of a PC is already taking hold.

It is only a matter of time before actual physical media ceases to exist unless you back it up yourself on your own media.

The Killer3767d ago

console r not simply trying to copy cat of pc's their bring simplicity and more features that r only related to gaming that PC's cant provide, the biggest example that game sales on consoles are much higher than PC.

about physical media will cease to exist is non sense!! do u think that all countries in the world is like USA?? well, to inform u there is countries that still uses dial-up internet speed and it will take them 10-20 years to reach the current speed in the USA!! yes technology is improving fast but not all the world r improving as fast u know???!!!
beside people will never stop going to video stores to shop for their favorite movies or collection of movies, that u cant be sure to cease from existing even if the HD movie can be downloaded in 5 mins!!

so i will say to u, U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PEOPLE HABITS, if u think they will cease from buying physical media format movies, especially in the rest of the world!!

meepmoopmeep3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

sorry you're wrong, digital downloads will NOT REPLACE physical media any time soon. it will be an OPTION only. the bandwidth constraints of the internet architecture and the size of HD content is not allowing it to be mass adopted right now. In Europe most people pay by the amount of bandwidth they use on their ISP's. and even AOL is trying to adopt this trend as well in the US. Most of the world is not connected broadband and until it is downloaded content will stay an OPTION.

Physical media will most likely never be replaced because people prefer to have physical copies. People that buy movies and games are collectors. MP3's are more for leisure that you can take around in a compact device. Not HD movies or games.

IntelligentAj3767d ago

Who is everybody? From what I can tell the majority thinks blu-ray has at least 3-4 years(maybe more) before DD takes over. And for those of us to don't think playing online is the end all be all of gaming, the PC console convergence sucks.

Rabid Hamster3767d ago

of a console over a PC is a stable platform for a period of time for developers to explore and perfect. If these future consoles become more like PCs then fine as long as it removes the need to update every 3 weeks to be able to run the latest game.

To me this is why consoles are so successful. With technology only changing faster are you going to want to be constantly updating to play the next great hit? I know i can't afford to.

cysna3767d ago

Laptop's are getting more and more popular in the coming years and because of that the desktop PC's die completely.
Consoles will be like home entertime systems with games, bluray, intenet, downloads and they are connected to your laptop all the time. Still all the work (writing, internet etc) you do with your laptop but it's not going to be for gaming. So basicly PC gaming will be dead! The only gaming there is, is with consoles witch are more like PC but not quite (no office, word etc and NO UPGRADING)

ps. I haven't used my desktop for 2 years

INehalemEXI3766d ago

People will always want a tangible back up so discs will remain. They may 10 years or so down the road become a secondary medium to DD though.

EDF 20173766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

We already have a console that does more than the 360 and the ps3 it is call a "PC".

Consoles even have patches now for games, and I thought that was only for PC geeks. Consoles are becoming a hassle, so you might as well build a decent PC. I have an AMD Phenom 9600, 3 gigs of 800mhz ram, a 8800gt, tv-tuner card, and 22 inch samsung display. It only cost me 1,200 american and I can play crysis and UT3 with way better visual than the ps3 or 360 can provide.

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Harry1903767d ago

the eyes of an eagle.

poos33766d ago

man i just want to the ps3 to die out with out its fanboys following it that would be the greatest day in gaming also it is coming so dont worry .i hate every thing about the ps3 expecially the crap games i bought it and returned the ps3 next days as warhawk/resistance ,.heavensword were to casual and plain for mne to play them no depth in ps3 games

Harry1903767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

wasn't there news that an all software tech world would not be possible with the limits of current bandwidth?and what happens when the system goes down,you sened it to the repair center?


Whoooop3767d ago

and Fidel Castro's going to be the new Pope...

RobertGonz693767d ago

meant to say Microsoft's gaming department only...